3 Stages of Wellness For A Loved One Experiencing Memory Loss

3 Stages of Wellness For A Loved One Experiencing Memory Loss

Stages of Experiencing Memory Loss3 Stages of Wellness For A Loved One Experiencing Memory Loss

Is your loved one experiencing memory loss? When dealing with the challenges and complications of this process it can be not only difficult but overwhelming. A checklist of quick tools and resources to have at your disposal will always make the transition much easier for not only you, but your loved one and your family as well. Below are 3 areas to initially focus on when the onset of memory loss begins to occur with someone whom you love and care for.

  1.  The Importance of Communication

    Focusing your efforts on a few key areas which increase communication skills can make such a huge impact with your loved one. The benefit of this cannot be expressed enough.This is how we have the ability to express ourselves to one another, and the importance that this is continuously worked on is vital. There are many strategies when working on communication exercises and strategies for your loved one as they begin to experience memory loss, but all steps towards increasing this ability will add towards the well-being of your loved ones transition as well as your own personal experience. Make sure to always speak as clearly as you can, and loud enough for your loved one to hear. This is vital as you discuss current events, past experiences and fun memories which help with recognition and memory efficiency training. Make sure you allow your loved one enough time to respond, and make sure to provide continuous eye contact throughout the communication exercise.

  2. Positivity Goes a Long Way

    Staying positive during a tough time is not easy, but positivity during a stressful and scary time can make all the difference. When your loved one begins to experience memory loss it can be so beneficial to share positive stories and laughter with them. Sharing pictures of family trips, fun memories, and exciting times you had or your loved one had can be very helpful. Always avoid bringing any form of negativity into the environment while helping your family or loved one with memory loss as it progresses. Positivity can make a world of difference.

  3. The Vitality of a Comfortable Home

    – Having a safe and comfortable home to spend your time in is crucial while experiencing memory loss. It can help with the transition your loved ones will experience down the road during their journey of memory loss and memory retention. Place family heirlooms around the home, as well as pictures, pillows, and any other items which may help them trigger memories.

The above items are important to implement into your process of rehabilitation for your loved one during memory loss. If you are experiencing these moments with your loved one it is important to utilize all the resources at your disposal.

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