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“The way that home care and elder care services are delivered is changing and ElderCare at Home is leading the way! With Better Care, at a Better Price, and with Better Value! than anyone else”!

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While there are several options for those that want assistance with their in-home and/or personal care needs, the Consumer Directed Model or Nurse Registry puts families and patients in control of the decisions regarding their care, their choice of caregiver, and how much they are willing to pay for the services they require.

We Work For You!


As a licensed  Nurse Registry, ElderCare at Home typically provides clients a more affordable care alternative to the high costs charged by other types of in-home care providers. We provide caregiver referral and administrative support services for clients that prefer to continue living in the comfort and safety of their own home.

We help clients accomplish this goal by referring comprehensively screened, credentialed, and insured independent caregivers who provide companion, homemaker, personal care, and nursing services.

Our Nurse Registry model gives us the flexibility to attract qualified, self-employed professional caregivers with years of experience that have been thoroughly screened and vetted through our rigorous  screening and orientation process.  Registered caregivers include Companions, Certified Nursing Assistants or (CNAs), and Home Health Aides or (HHAs),  Licensed Pracical Nurses (LPN’s) and Registered Nurses (RN’s), that are referred to our clients for their approval and acceptance.

Some of the benefits of hiring ElderCare at Home to match you with a caregiver that can best meet your individual client objectives, include:

  • Complimentary Client Consultation
    Client meets with an ElderCare at Home representative and determines their care needs and personal client objectives.
  • Client/Caregiver Match
    Client selects a caregiver from ElderCare at Home’s screened, verified, credentialed, and insured candidates.
  • Client Control
    Client is always in control!
  • Client Cost
    Client enjoys affordable care options and solely decides what they are willing to pay for care.
  • Client Confidence
    Client can remain confident that ElderCare at Home will manage  administrative and on-going compliance requirements on your behalf; as well as refer you to new caregivers, at your request.

Alzheimer’s Dementia Specific In Home Care and Senior Care

ElderCare At Home, specializes in referring the best caregivers to meet the very special needs of cognitively impaired patients and their families. As a licensed Nurse Registry, ElderCare at Home is the largest registry offering referrals of caregivers who  can provide community-based, dementia specific services, in Palm Beach, Broward, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee Counties.

With access to hundreds of registered, independent professional and para-professional caregivers, available for referral, ElderCare at Home represents you in locating qualified Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides, LPN’s and RN’s, who are contracted and compensated as independent contractors.

Why Use Us?

Since our inception, ElderCare at Home has helped thousands of families keep their loved one in the place they most want to be… their own home! Our large network of independent contractors includes  hundreds of highly skilled  RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s/HHA’s and companions.  Our reputation for referring the best caregivers to help meet your needs, is simply impeccable!

How Do I know if I Need it?

  • Are you and your family trying to keep your loved one at home and finding it difficult to manage all of their needs?
  • Is your loved one becoming more difficult to manage at home?
  • Is he or she more anxious, agitated or confused?
  • Has bathing become a problem?
  • Does the patient require medication management?
  • Do you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, sad, depressed or angry?
  • Have you stopped seeing friends and participating in activities you once enjoyed?
  • Are you lonely?
  • Do you live at a distance and are trying to manage the care of your own family and the needs of your aging parents?
  • Have you or your loved one been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or another memory impairment?
  • Do you need help understanding the disease process?
  • Do you want to assure that your long-term care needs and those of your loved one are met?

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