Activities for Aging Individuals

Activities for Aging Individuals

Activities for Aging Individuals

Normal aging usually comes with gradual changes in lifestyle that, when enough time has passed, can radically restructure your life. Much of these changes come with normal physical symptoms like reduced vision/hearing, changes in Circadian rhythm, decreased bone density, a loss of muscle mass, changes in sexual drive, slower metabolism, and so on. All these physical changes require aging individuals to relate to their body in different ways. Additionally, if you or an aging loved one is retired, then this means there is more free time to manage, as well. All these considerations means that you or your aging loved one may have to find activities to do, especially in regards to your physical activities. Here are some suggestions:

1)      Mentally stimulating activities: A great way to spend time is to pursue activities that are intellectually engaging or mentally stimulating. Such activities may include reading books, doing puzzles, playing games with friends, or pursuing a creative task like writing, making pottery, or painting. Cognitive stimulation is just as important as physical exercise, and these activities can be made all the more edifying if you pursue them with friends.

2)      Light cardio: Even if our bodies gradually decline in strength and flexibility, this does not mean we are incapable of doing exercises. Walking is one of the greatest ways to perform cardio and it can be done purposefully by going to a nature trail, park, or around your neighborhood. Swimming is also a great physical activity to pursue that is easy on the joints and great at building up your cardiovascular endurance. Before starting any exercise routine, please consult your doctor.

3)      Tai Chi: This is a form of meditative exercise that requires constant yet graceful movements of the body in and out of various positions. Tai Chi is very beneficial for joint mobility and mood. Because of its meditative nature it may help reduce anxiety and depression. Its accessibility to all age groups makes Tai Chi an excellent way to get exercise later in life.

4)      Outdoor activities: Going outside can be a very effective way to stimulate your mind, exercise, and relax. Visiting the beach or other bodies of water, walking through a hiking trail, and sightseeing are all relatively feasible activities that can be done with friends and family.

Aging does not have to be an obstacle to pursuing meaningful activities that are physically and mentally healthy. In fact, pursuing some of the activities above can alleviate some of the natural symptoms of aging. If you or a loved one have questions about these activities or if you are interested in what ElderCare at Home has to offer, then please visit ElderCare’s website or call 888-285-0093.

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