Activities to do with Your Loved One

Activities to do with Your Loved One

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you might find it a little difficult to think of activities you can do with them.  It is important to do activities with your loved one to promote mental stimulation and wellbeing.

Here are some ideas:

  • Simple chores around the house: Doing small things around the house is an excellent way to engage your loved one and promote mental stimulation. Try asking your loved one to do low risk chores like folding clothes, cleaning dishes, or doing some light reorganizing. You can work together with your loved one to ensure that he or she remains safe. This is also a great way to give your loved one some autonomy and independence to help promote their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Painting: This is a great way to have some safe fun and do a mentally stimulating activity. Find your local arts and crafts store and buy a canvas, some pain brushes, and paint. If you don’t know what you would want to pain, try to find online videos that demonstrate some easy pictures to start with. If your loved one is capable following more careful details, then you can also pay paint-by-numbers. Whatever works for you!
  • Listening to your loved one’s favorite music: Music has been shown to stimulate the brain even for those with more advanced-stage Alzheimer’s. This is because listening to music does not require a demanding cognitive response from your brain in order to cue feelings and emotions. Additionally, music can evoke long-term memories, which is great for Alzheimer’s patients since they usually retain long-term memories longer than short-term memories. Make sure you and your loved one are in a quiet room where the music can be played at a comfortable volume level with no distractions.
  • Arts and Crafts: Much like painting above, finding some easy arts and crafts online can be a way to spend quality time with your loved one, while also doing stimulating activities.
  • Going out in nature: If your loved one is capable, find a park or walking trail and do some light activities. Being out in nature is good for psychological health and promotes physical activity, which has benefits for your physical and emotional wellbeing. If your loved one is not physically capable of walking, then relaxing in outdoors environments can be just as mentally stimulating. You may want to find an area in the shade if it is too hot.

We hope that you take these ideas into consideration when planning some events to do with your loved one. Just know that you can be as creative as you like. You know your loved one the best, which means you are aware of his or her likes/dislikes and limitations. Whatever activity you choose or design, make sure it engages your loved one and is fun.

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