Adult Day Centers and Nursing Homes

centerAdult Day Centers and Nursing Homes

If you are a family caregiver caring for an aging loved one, you may have realized how much time and energy this role entails. Fortunately, there are places designed to provide you some relief while taking good care of your loved one. This blog will describe two of them: adult day centers and nursing homes. This blog will go through the similar services they provide, their differences, and the assistance they provide for family caregivers like you.

Adult Day Centers

These centers provide services for aging individuals who do not have enough social engagement or who have neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Their primary purpose is to allow your loved one to get away from home and interact with others in a warm and cheerful environment. They are only open during the daytime and do not provide overnight services. These centers often provide an array of activities and care like:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Light physical exercise
  • Counseling services
  • Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Nutritious meals
  • Personal Care
  • Stimulating games
  • Music
  • Outings
  • Social environments and activities

Adult day centers are beneficial in a twofold way: They add structure to an individual’s life who may be unable to structure it themselves; and they allow the family caregiver a chance to take a break. Taking a rest from caregiving is crucial if you find yourself worn out and overwhelmed. You should remind yourself that such breaks are necessary to avoid over-exhaustion. Being too worn out would inevitably be a disservice to your loved one. Caregiving is a lot of work, so utilize opportunities that will allow you to recuperate, and rest assured that your loved one will be well-taken care of in an adult day center.

Nursing Homes

A nursing home, also known as a Skilled Nursing Care center, is a place where your loved one can stay permanently to receive long-term care. Nursing homes, like adult day centers, provide care for your loved one who can otherwise not care for themselves. Sometimes, an aging individual may stay in a nursing home temporarily to recover from an injury or for longer periods if they need more extensive care away from home. Nursing homes provide many of the same services you can find at an adult day center plus a bit more. For instance, they also provide:

  • Personal living spaces
  • Extensive care with things like bathing and toileting
  • Meetings with care managers about plans for long-term care
  • Monitoring medication
  • 24 hour emergency care

Deciding where you should place your loved one depends on your own particular circumstances and those of your loved one. You can often get the best advice from a medical professional or from sessions with a counselor who can advise family caregivers. You can also try contacting your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) to learn about centers that are near you. Both an adult day center and a nursing home are meant to provide care for your loved one and allow you to find time to rest.

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