Alzheimer’s Disease: Significant Progress toward Prevention and Cure

Alzheimer's AssociationOf all the issues of aging, none has been more emotionally or medically challenging than Alzheimer’s disease. And because we are living longer, the incidence of Alzheimer’s is on the rise. More than 1,000 cases are diagnosed each day in the U.S., In Georgia alone, the Alzheimer’s Association counts more than 160,000 cases.

While Alzheimer’s represents one of the most debilitating, frightening by-products of aging, it is also an area of great hope and excitement because significant progress has been made toward prevention and cure.

“Over the past several years, much has been accomplished to bring to reality the vision of a world without Alzheimer’s,” offered Ginny Helms of the Georgia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Most notable of recent developments include the discovery of preventive measures, screening techniques and medications that may prevent – even cure – Alzheimer’s.