Is it Time to Learn about In Home Assisted Living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

is-it-time-to-learn-about-in-home-assisted-livingEach day of life makes a person another day older. It is hard to recognize how age slows those we see day after day. Friends and relatives might drop in for the family reunion, however, and recognize mom and dad are less active. The change might lead them to make a suggestion about a possible need for in home assisted living in Fort Lauderdale.

Avoid excusing troublesome signs. Some situations needs evaluated. This positive step to good health is a win-win situation. If assisted care is needed, the loved one stays independent and safe.

Quality of life is affected when senses like vision and hearing start to deteriorate. What are some of the signs that in home assisted living in Fort Lauderdale might help? Discreetly watch your loved one when they are reading books or street signs. Is it difficult to make out the letters or numbers? That can affect their ability to drive safely or even take medication in the right dosage!

Hearing loss varies in intensity. The ability to hear and understand TV shows, movies, conversations and music makes life better. Missing a smoke alarm or not hearing the doctor’s instructions affects the safety of the individual and others.

Getting help with some of the non-medical tasks at your loved one’s Florida home is a big help. It gives a break to the primary caregiver and adds a feeling of comfort to the patient. Companionship to someone who is no longer able to attend church is meaningful. Finding socks and shirts neatly folded in their proper place reaffirms order and creates a smile.

Honor the wishes of your loved one as much as possible. Seek professional guidance and make an informed decision about in home assisted living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Call ElderCare at Home for an appointment today at 561-585-0400.



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