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Today’s senior citizens are fiercely independent. Even when they know that a particular decision has been made with their best interests in mind, it loses value if they had no say in the decision-making process. Reading the articles and blogs on websites for geriatric care services in Plantation, Florida, keep seniors, primary caregivers, family and friends aware of changes in concepts, insurance coverage and lifestyle.One guideline when planning an activity with older adults is awareness of their schedule. Your grandmother may be a night owl that would love to go to a special midnight showing of the latest 3-D movie. On the other hand, someone whose favorite naptime is two in the afternoon might not relish a matinee that interferes with that habit.A gift does not have to be a surprise to be a treasure. Whether it is a party or a 5-hour cruise, drop hints that a fun temporary change in your loved one’s life is about to happen. Bingo nights and monthly birthday breakfasts at the Senior Center are special events.Another is the weekly visit from the companion found through geriatric care services in Plantation, Florida. Check the busy calendar for open dates and go from there to schedule a surprise.Join in on the good things! Stretching is an important activity for everyone because it keeps ligaments and muscles strong and flexible. Review the suggested range-of-motion exercises for Grandpa with medical professionals from ElderCare at Home and do them with him.One of the most wonderful things you can contribute to an elderly member of your family and friends circle is your time. Even when loved ones are hovering in that in-between spot of life and death, there is a strong belief that they are aware of our presence, love and support.

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