At Home Long Term Alzheimer’s Care Services in Wellington, Florida

The long term Alzheimer’s care managers at ElderCare are aware of how complex and disheartening it is to figure out finances and the amount of care needed when a loved one requires long term Alzheimer’s Care Services in Wellington, Florida.

They are familiar with the family’s confusion and distress as they attempt to determine the best way to deal with the situation. The care manager makes a customized plan for each family based on those needs. Listening to the patient, family and friends that are involved in care provides the framework to assemble the ElderCare Plan. That plan will make the quality of life better for the patient.

There are long-term residential treatment centers for those with severe cases of Alzheimer’s disease. Typically, however, a patient is placed in that type of facility because of another medical condition, such as heart disease. Few Americans realize how expensive long term care can be. It is also surprising to find out how many insurance policies, including Medicare, fail to cover the costs of long term care, whether it is done at home, nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

It is important to realize that all parties are considered to be part of the overall care plan, since each person is affected in some way. Referred to as Integrated ElderCare, medical care above and beyond Alzheimer’s disease is also addressed in the treatment. Care managers develop the plan and verify that it is implemented. Team members are monitored to be certain that the family is learning methods to help their loved one. At the same time, the patient’s progress is evaluated with changes made to the plan as needed.

As yet, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. There is, however, the opportunity to provide as good of a life as possible for your loved one. In many cases, that includes long term Alzheimer’s care services in Wellington, Florida at home. Social needs like visiting and spiritual needs are part of the plan.

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