Tuesday Tips for Caregivers ~ Benefits of Hiring a Professional Caregiver

Tuesday Tips for Caregivers ~ Benefits of Hiring a Professional Caregiver

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Caregiver

If you are caring for an aging loved one, you are probably familiar with the loads of responsibility that role brings. In this blog, we want to talk about the possibility of hiring a professional caregiver, and ways that you can do so affordably. We will go over reasons how professional caregivers can help your situation, as well as ways to find professional help.

Reasons Caregivers Can Help

(1) Qualified Professionals: Hiring a professional caregiver, typically through a registry or agency, ensures that you are getting help from someone who has the requisite training. Caregivers are trained to care specifically for aging populations, as well as those who are sick. They are trained to handle emergencies, how to interact socially with those they’re helping, and to care for those with specific medical conditions.

(2) Choose Your Schedule: Caregivers are often flexible about times they can come to help. That is to say, you can choose the schedule and plan your life around that time. For example, if you have other responsibilities on the weekends or weekdays, perhaps a caregiver can visit for a few hours on a certain day so you can handle other things. Additionally, some places allow you to find affordable care for several hours a week. So, you are not obliged to pay for fulltime care if you do not need it. Working with a nurse registry or agency allows you to choose what you can afford.

(3) You Can Choose the Kind of Care: Registries, like ElderCare at Home, can help you identify caregivers with appropriate skillsets suited to your situation. Different caregivers have experience dealing with different conditions. So, you can work with registries to make sure your loved one is getting the best type of care they can get.

(4) Allows Time for Self-Care: Many family members who take on caregiving responsibilities are stressed out. Hiring professional help gives you some space to do some self-care, whether that is exercise, sleep, or do an activity you enjoy. Remember that caring for yourself is not a selfish thing. It is necessary to prioritize your own physical and mental health, because it allows you to function better, especially as a family caregiver.

(5) Staying at Home: Many aging individuals want to age in their homes and not transfer to an assisted living facility if possible. Professional caregivers can help with that .They come to your loved one’s residence and provide care there.

Ways to Find Professional Help

ElderCare at Home is a nurse registry that connects you with certified caregivers that meet a list of specific qualifications. One way to find caregivers is to work with us. If you find yourself too far away from our offices, then one of the quickest ways is to perform a search online. Lastly, calling your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) and they can provide you with the appropriate resources specific to your area.

If you have any other questions, or are interested in learning about how we can connect you to a professionally-trained caregiver, then please visit our website or call us at 888-285-0093.

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