Coaching for Caregivers ~ Helping You Solve Your Caregiving Challenges

Coaching for Caregivers ~ Helping You Solve Your Caregiving Challenges
Some of the most common challenges caregivers face can’t be solved by looking them up on Google. And there is not a text book you can buy that will give you the answers that are unique or applicable to your own situation.

Family caregivers frequently deal with challenges that are episodic in nature. For example, the person they are caring for may suddenly refuse to shower or take medications. They might become combative or show signs of anger or depression.  Because your relationship with the person you are caring for is complex ad your role may be that of an adult child, spouse, friend or other family member, it can be hard to figure out how to best help the person you love.

Coaching for Caregivers™ provides family caregivers with one-on-one guidance and support to help them better cope and manage the challenges of caring for someone who is exhibiting changes in mood, behavior or mental status.

Some of the more common issues addressed in a Coaching for Caregivers session include:

  • Managing behavioral changes such as refusal to shower or take medications
  • Deciding if it’s time to surrender car keys
  • Adjusting to a new diagnosis or progression of symptoms
  • Changes in roles/expectations within a couple or family
  • Family discord regarding care options and plans
  • Grief, loss and bereavement
  • Desire for improved coping skills
  • Learn how to reduce stress and improve coping skills
  • Need for understanding regarding behavior and personality changes in a person who has Alzheimer’s disease or a related form of memory loss
  • Manage the symptoms of memory loss
  • Learn new ways to respond to challenging behaviors
  • Find balance in your life and learn ways to take care of your own important self-care needs
  • Plan for future needs
  • Learn strategies to effectively communicate with the person living with memory loss
  • Next Steps™ ~ Moving forward after placement or loss

Elayne Forgie, the President & Founder of ElderCare at Home, has been coaching family caregivers for almost 30 years.  You can schedule a consultation with her  by calling ElderCare at Home at (561) 585-0400.