Crisis Intervention Services in Palm Beach & Broward County

ElderCare at Home

ElderCare at Home provides crisis intervention and prevention services in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin County. A few hours ago, an adult child called from Connecticut. She reported that her mom has Parkinson’s disease, CHF, diabetes and osteoporosis. Her dad is 94 and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. His condition has been deteriorating and he has begun to keep his wife up all night long. He suffers from sundowning symptoms including delusions and hallucinations. Last night he walked right out of the house and was found by the community pool. This morning, mom called and told her daughter she can’t take it anymore. The daughter, who cannot arrive in South Florida until the end of June, was in tears. After some coaching and calming and asking a lot of open-ended questions, our geriatric care manager was able to help her make some good decisions.

ElderCare at Home will begin to provide immediate care at night beginning this evening. Our nurse will call the neurologist and begin assisting in medication management. The care manager will be performing comprehensive psychosocial assessments on both patients and will assist the daughter in finding appropriate assisted living facilities to preview when she visits.

Mom will have immediate respite relief. The patient will be safe and the daughter can rest assured that she has a local advocate for her parents and a surrogate for her.

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