David Ross, MD – Chief Medical Director of H & R Medical Technologies and Medical Director Comprehensive Neurobehavioral Institute

Dr. David Ross has been invited to write articles for Eldercare at Home on a variety of neurological topics that affect the elderly and their caregivers. “I am privileged to do so. My wish is to be both informative and informal. Feel free to email your questions, comments, and insights to Eldercare at HomeI will do my best to address these in future writings. Secondly, my writings reflect my opinions and thoughts only; they are not to be construed as offering particular medical advice on any personal or specific issues. Please address such issues to your personal physician.”


As a neurologist, I often see individuals who present with mild complaints of memory dysfunction, concentration problems and other intellectual deficits. They notice that their memory and intellectual performance is not as good as it used to be. Most people are concerned that they are developing dementia – a medical condition causing a progressive decline in intellectual abilities.