Diet and Alzheimer’s Disease

DietI attended the first day of our local Alzheimer’s conference today and our keynote speaker, a highly respected neurologist, discussed various things that we can do to perhaps extend the time before we get the disease. The assumption being that if we live to 85+ years, all of us are going to actually have Alzheimer’s disease. We will either have been diagnosed with it or they will discover that we had it all along, upon our death and autopsy. 

Apparently 50% of all people aged 85 or older have Alzheimer’s disease. And get this – 100% of the people whose brain tissue is tested after their death, have the pathology that were they still alive, would lead their doctor to tell them they too have Alzheimer’s disease. 

So, what can we do to starve off this dreaded disease? How can we live a life that causes us to not show symptoms until as we are as old as possible, if ever? 

Well, he talked about a lot of things I do know – like exercising the brain, reducing stress etc. But he mentioned something I didn’t know, which is diet.

Yeah I know not to eat too much red meat etc. but I didn’t know that there is actually a diet that neurologists and researchers are recommending, and there is!  It is the Mediterranean Diet, for those of you, like me, that didn’t know. 

Here is a link to a Mayo Clinic article I found while surfing around today and another blurb from Dr. Andrew Weil. You can also go to and for books, diet information etc. I know that I am definitely going to check it out! Hope you find it useful!