Elder Care and Technology

Elder Care and Technology

Elder Care and Technology

When was the last time you thought: “How can technology help me as a caregiver?”

The good news is that technology can help you tremendously. It can help save time, reduce stress, and manage things remotely. Obviously, this is what technology is meant to do—make life easier. But in the context of caregiving, technology can be a huge life saver.

In this blog, we will go over some of the ways tech devices, computers, and apps can help you become a more efficient and effective caregiver.

  1. Planning: If you have a smart phone, a laptop, or even a digital planner, then you can save a lot of headache if you keep all of your plans consolidated onto one device. The beauty of using an electronic planning method is that you can even program reminder alarms into them to keep you up to date on what you need to do. How often have you written down an appointment time or a list of chores and lost the paper? And then you have to go through additional time trying to find a lost document or recreating what you’ve already spent time doing. Relying on a smartphone (or any other devices that allows you to plan) will save you so much time.
  2. Safety: For a while, there have been devices on the market that allow your aging loved one to ring for help during an emergency. Things like LifeAlert® are portable buttons you can carry around to help your loved one call for help. This is especially helpful because it allows you to have some peace of mind when you are not around your loved one. Even more interesting is that devices can come with a GPS if your loved one is ever out of their house and needs emergency assistance. Look into devices such as LifeAlert® and MobileHelp®.
  3. Independence: Some devices have software specifically devoted to allow independence for both you and your loved one. For instance, Independa™ is a software company that creates tools to allow caregivers to care for their loved one remotely. There are products that include telephony-based applications and webcams to help facilitate communication. You can also connect hired, professional caregivers to products to help keep every party caring for your loved one informed and updated.
  4. Support: There are plenty of ways to find chat groups and online forums to help keep you connected to the millions of caregivers around the country.[1] It is important to be able to convey your experiences and emotions to others who have been in similar situations. Finding the necessary perspective on things can help you ascertain solutions.

If you have any questions about what other kinds of resources exist for you, then please call ElderCare at 888-285-0093 or visit our website!

[1] Source: https://www.agingcare.com/articles/top-eldercare-technologies-chosen-by-a-former-caregiver-166944.htm

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