Elder Care Boca Raton

elder-care-boca-ratonAs our loved ones age, we often resist the notion of moving them out of their own home for as long as we possibly can.  As a result, it is often necessary to find help to care for the very specific needs of the people we care about most, so that they can maintain their independence and their quality of life.

Elder Care can connect caregivers with qualified companions, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and home health aides (HHAs). We are a licensed nurse registry ready to provide a link between caregivers and the qualified, credentialed and thoroughly screened caregivers who can help you keep your loved one at home by addressing their specific needs.

Alzheimer’s Care in Boca Raton

Many older adults also suffer from neurocognitive disorders. Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia can slowly rob the people we love of their memory, and of their independence. ElderCare can also work with Alzheimer’s family caregivers and provide additional referrals for coaching, education, training, support groups and other programs and services which help caregivers of those  living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Senior Care in Boca Raton

Finding the best senior care in Boca Raton help spouses, children, siblings, and close friends feel more secure in the knowledge that the people they care most about are receiving the care they deserve. Call ElderCare at Home Boca Raton today to learn how we can help!