Elder Care in Palm Beach Gardens and Tips on Transportation

Elder Care in Palm Beach Gardens and Tips on Transportation

Elder Care in Palm Beach Gardens

ElderCare at Home is now open in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. If you are a family member of an aging loved one who needs home care, then look no further. ElderCare in Palm Beach Gardens is here to help you find the best possible caregiver for your loved one. On top of that, we also like to share tips and suggestions for daily life if you are a family careigiver. Check out our suggestions below for moving your oved one:

Things to Consider when Moving Your Loved One

Moving, in this article, refers to any kind of transportation that you or your loved one must perform to get from point A to point B. This can be moving across the house, across the town, or across the country. Normally, big moves across the country are not typical, but it is always good to know how you can prepare to transfer your aging loved one. Additionally, if your loved one is immobile, then you should know proper techniques to transfer your loved one between different surfaces and devices.

Tips for Mobility

  • Make sure you plan out your transfer and have everything you need ready to go
  • Make sure the floor and/or your shoes are not slippery
  • Communicate to your loved one that you are transferring
  • Lift with your legs while keeping your back straight, in other words don’t round your back to lift as this could result in injury
  • Don’t twist your body, but use your feet to pivot in a different direction
  • Enlist help if you cannot lift your loved one on your own

If your loved one has a wheelchair:

  • When you transfer your loved one, you should lock the brakes so the chair does not move
  • Move the footrests out of the way
  • When your loved one is in the chair, adjust foot pedals so their legs are at 90 degrees
  • Assist your loved one position their legs comfortably once their seated
  • The wheelchair should be pulled backwards when going over bumps

If your loved one moves with a walker, they should:

  • Grip the walker with both hands when stepping forward
  • Only move the walker the length of one step at a time

If your loved one walks with a cane, they should remember:

  • To hold the cane with the hand on their “good” side
  • Take a step with the weaker leg and move the cane at the same time
  • Lean on the cane when moving the strong leg forward
  • Always step with the cane and weaker leg first when encountering stairs
  • Don’t move the cane too far ahead of you

Ensuring that your loved one is safe during transportation is crucial for their physical health. It also preserves a sense of independence that they are able to go places, even if they are having some assistance. If you have any more questions, then please call 888-285-0093 or visit our website.

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