ElderCare at Home Makes a Difference

ElderCare at Home Makes a Difference

3340946317_17a4f208c2_zAfter much research and emotional strain to do the right thing for mom, I feel absolutely blessed to have connected with ElderCare at Home.  After 3 other agencies and six caregivers, ElderCare at Home has proven to be most qualified and sensitive to the daily demands of our circumstance.  Mom is 92 this year and is legally blind with macular degeneration and has early stage Alzheimer disease. Admittedly I have been in denial for quite some time and put off care thinking I could handle on my own.  Needless to say, crazy!

From the first phone call to ElderCare at Home, a staff executive was at our home the same day to access the environment, our needs and concerns.  They were able to implement care within a matter of days and found someone with an authentic concern and patience to address both moms and my concerns directly.  The ElderCare at Home team has been a tremendous support with their knowledge and experience of Alzheimer disease and guiding me with tools to understand and accept the challenges I’m facing now to be prepared for future.

Our caregiver is an absolute blessing!  She has a personable, caring personality but is passionate about what she does as well.  I am impressed with the kindness and willingness to do the extra little things that make such a big difference.  Mom’s caregiver is sensitive to physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns for mom and they have established a beautiful bond in a short period of time.  The Care Managers and staff have been more than supportive to follow up with me to assure things are going well and answering any questions.

Life has already changed for both mom and me.   Mom has more quality time and life style and I have a peace of mind she is not alone all day while I work.

God has a wonderful way of placing the right people in the right place when you need them the most!

We are very appreciative every day!

Thank you,