Elderly Care Services in West Palm Beach, Florida

The elderly and their families find it is easy to get lost in the maze of elderly care services in West Palm Beach, Florida. Requirements for eligibility vary from program to program. Complicated forms with tiny spaces for answers and hard to read small letters forming the questions add frustration. Independent senior citizens often need to take a friend that can hear the soft replies to their questions and repeat them in a slightly louder voice.

The good news is that senior advocacy is addressing those issues. Readable forms with wider spaces for answers are available. Many forms are available in PDF format to complete on the computer. Soft-spoken clerks are learning to look at the client and speak clearly. Ambiguous terms are being defined more clearly. Elderly people that want to remain in their homes are receiving support for their wishes.

One form of elderly care services in West Palm Beach, Florida is home care. Typically covering non-medical support services, it takes place at the senior’s home rather than a facility. Just the benefit of minor assistance with parts of daily life is sufficient to allow a loved one to remain at home for a longer period of time. The options of a nursing home or assisted living community can be postponed for just a while longer.

Home care covers more than help with hygiene and walking. Changing sheets on the bed is a welcome form of assistance. Listening as the senior reminisces about days gone by or the latest news on the block offers companionship. Shopping can wear an older person out. It is an advantage to hand the grocery list to another and have the items put away after shopping.

Contact ElderCare at Home for an evaluation of your situation. The security of a supervised qualified professional protects you while easing your family’s mind about your decision to remain in the home. Call about elderly care services in West Palm Beach, Florida today at 561-585-0400.

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