FAQ'sHow do I get started?

It’s actually pretty simple.  Just call us toll free at (888) 285-0093 to speak with a care coordinator. We will spend some time learning about your situation and then we will arrange a time to meet with you and your loved ones to help you complete individual Client Objectives, in your home, our office, or a place most convenient for you.

We will work with you to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. We can refer caregivers to provide services ranging from one hour a day to around-the-clock care, and we will strive to refer and match you with an independent contractor who meets all the criteria that you specify. We work hard to ensure caregiver-client compatibility and in most cases, care services can begin the same day. Ask us about our exclusive My Caregiver Match Guarantee

How do you select caregivers?

All of the independent contractors we refer to clients are thoroughly screened  before they can become a registered caregiver, available for referral, through ElderCare at Home.

We interview everyone in person (to insure competency and quality) and then conduct a thorough reference check, criminal background check, and DMV check. We comply with the August 2010 Florida State Law (Florida Statute (F.S.), Chapter 435 and s. 408.809) requiring caregivers to submit to a Level 2 FBI screening.

Everyone that registers with us, from  companions and nurses aides to registered nurses, carries malpractice insurance. We verify that all caregivers have received advanced training in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. (learn more here).  We match and recommend  caregivers to you and your family based on the skills you request and the personality traits necessary for a good relationship.

Will I have the same caregiver with me every day?

You retain complete control over the duration of your relationship with a caregiver referred to you. Your caregiver will provide you with continuity of care and you will have the same caregiver for as long as you and the caregiver mutually agree to work together.  When your caregiver wants to take a day off, we are available, at your request, to refer you a replacement caregiver who will also strive to provide you with consistent, continuity of care on a regular, relief basis. Of course, it is always your decision whether to request another caregiver referral, or to make other arrangements when your caregiver cannot work.

Will I have to explain the type of help I need to my caregiver?

The Client Objectives that you complete at the time you meet with your Care Consultant, serve as your written communication to the referred aide as to the duties and responsibilities you expect them to complete, although you can always clarify you preferences and care request when you are with your caregiver to ensure that you receive the types of care and services that you are seeking. Your referred caregiver will receive a written copy of your Client Objectives and a copy can also be placed in your home for their review upon arrival.

How do I know if my caregiver is qualified and fit to fill my needs?

ElderCare at Home has an impeccable reputation in part because we have been very successful in verifying credentials, employment history, education and skills, (learn more here), and matching and referring qualified aides to our clients based on their skill level and personality.  Our office staff works hard to match caregiver/client personalities and requested skills in order to help you obtain the very best care possible.

What if I want a new caregiver?

You are always in control! We work for you! We will refer you to new caregivers that you can interview and personally choose to provide you with the care and services you need.

If I need someone after office hours, what do I do?

We are available to you a 24/7  should there ever be any questions or concerns. If the phone is not immediately answered please leave a message and you will be called back within 10 minutes.

What if something out of the ordinary happens?

Referred caregivers will inform you, or the person you designate, should there be any changes in the patients physical or mental status or in the event of any incident or accident. They are prepared and have received training in the proper course of action to take in the event of any emergency.

Do you carry liability insurance?

ElderCare at Home carries general and professional liability insurance.  In addition, we will not refer a caregiver to a you unless they have provided us with a Certificate of Insurance evidencing their own insurance coverage.  We are happy to provide you with a copy upon request.

Do you accept any insurance?

We accept most long-term care insurance and will process all your paperwork for you.

Are caregiver services covered by Medicare?

Medicare does not pay for custodial care provided by a CNA/HHA or companion.  If you or your loved one has a condition that might trigger your Medicare benefit, we will refer you to a well-respected, Medicare Certified Home Health Agency, who will perform an assessment to determine if you are eligible to receive care.

Can you refer caregivers who are qualified to take care of clients with special needs?

Yes. We verify that the caregivers we refer to families are trained in Alzheimer’s disease and are able to meet the unique needs of both the client and a family caregiver. In addition, most of the aides we refer have experience working with patients that have complex medical conditions and care needs including those with a history of heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, pre and post operative surgical care and more.

Are your referral services available to the elderly in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?

Yes, the independent contractors we refer to a client can provide private duty home care services wherever the patient resides.

Can I change my schedule if I have appointments?

Yes, changes are easily accommodated. You can , or your caregiver can make any care arrangements that best meet your needs. If you need any assistance in communicating a request to a caregiver, it only takes one call to our office. Your needs always come first.

What if the level of services must be changed?

No problem. We are very flexible and understand that situations can quickly change. Our only concern is your well-being and we will always respond accordingly by referring caregivers of any skill level that best meets your needs.

Are services only for seniors with a cognitive impairment?

No, we also refer contractors to provide services to cardiac patients, oncology patients, stroke patients, post-surgical patients, etc. Basically, we will provide caregiver-referral services to anyone who needs a little extra help and wants to remain in their own home. The caregivers we refer specialize in providing a full range of care, from peer-level companionship and hospital sitting services to bed-bound care and home-bound care. Anytime, at any place.

What are the rates charged by the referred service providers?

Rates are based on the type of services you require and the rate requested by the care provider who is providing the services to you. Typically, care provider rates range from $14.50 to $16.50 per hour.

How can I learn more about the advantages of self-directed care and the registry model?

For an independent analysis about self-directed care, applicable comparisons, and additional information please visit the web site of The Private Care Association

If you have any other questions, call us at 888-285-0093

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