Finding Motivation

Finding Motivation

Family caregiving is a daunting, stressful role to take on. Many people are not prepared to be caregivers when the time comes. This reality results in improvising solutions to difficult questions that arise. This is all normal in the context of family caregiving. But the stress that it involves can be discouraging, leading to a lack of motivation in the family caregiver. In this blog we want to describe some healthy habits that will help you stay motivated. The aim is not to prolong stressful situations or endure them unnecessarily. Instead, the goal is to adopt a positive mindset and practice healthy habits for the purposes of finding and staying motivated.

Staying motivated does not mean having to re-interpret every situation in a positive light. This is unrealistic and not always possible. Caregiving can be difficult, sad, and depressing. What we want to emphasize is that healthy practices and a new mindset can make a difference in how you approach the role of a family caregiver.

Follow these tips:

(1) Setting Achievable Goals: One of the surest ways to disappointment is to set unrealistic goals. Instead, be realistic whenever you create a set of things you want to accomplish in a day, a week, or a month. For example, taking more time to accomplish a certain task is all you need to get it done.  So, instead of saying, “I will do all of X by tomorrow to accomplish Y,” say “I will take however long to accomplish X so that I can accomplish Y.” You are still achieving the same goal, just modifying your plan to help you stay motivated.

(2) Do Not Worry about What You Can’t Control: Another self-sabotaging habit is to over-worry, especially about things you cannot control. If you cannot control something, then what is the point of worrying? There is no point. This will get you nowhere. Instead, reorient your thinking. Focus on what you do have control over and accomplish those things. Instead of being paralyzed by anxiety or overwhelmed by the “what ifs”, set out to do those things of which you are capable.

(3) Be Around People Who Will Lift You Up: Another way to stay motivated is to be around people who will motivate you. Being around people who will motivate you is like having a support group around you. They will be there for you if you need them, and they will not miss a beat when it comes to lifting you up when you are down. In caregiving responsibilities, there are many setbacks, problems, crises, etc. The last thing you need is someone who is not going to add any positivity in your life. If you have close friends who can help you, then stay close to them. Other times, you can find the support you need through caregiver support groups.

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