Geriatric Care Management Services in Jupiter, Florida

geriatric-care-management-services-jupiter-floridaThe longevity of citizens is increasing each year, creating a need for geriatric care management services in Jupiter, Florida. As loved ones grow older, there are more reasons to be concerned about their health and well-being. Certain parts of the home, such as the bathroom and kitchen, are more dangerous for the elderly to move around in.

Falling is one of the most common problems as people grow older. Deteriorating eyesight makes it harder to see tripping hazards. Your parent or spouse wants to remain at home, while you want to be certain of their safety and happiness. It’s an advantage to know that geriatric care management services in Jupiter are just a phone call away. Contacting ElderCare at Home will bring a professional geriatric care manager to the patient’s home for a comprehensive geriatric assessment.

The assessment includes a thorough home safety evaluation. Having an evaluation done by a qualified specialist results in all areas being reviewed for safety. The results are discussed with the caregivers who want their loved ones home and will take the responsibility for having unsafe items fixed.

Taking all things into consideration, the geriatric care manager makes a comprehensive care plan for the family member. Problems and possible solutions are discussed, including long term care options. Coaching services and geriatric counseling might also be suggested. The important thing to remember is that solutions are in the best interests of the patient while incorporating concern for the family, as well.

Making life-changing decisions for an elderly family member is never an easy thing to do. Knowing that you have a qualified team providing the details needed to make the right choices will ease your mind.

As the primary caregiver, you want your loved one safe and secure at home. Dial 561-585-0400 and speak with the friendly professionals at ElderCare at Home about geriatric care management services in Jupiter, Florida.



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