Alzheimer’s Care at Home – Importance of Alzheimer’s Safety

Have You Considered The Safety of Your Aging LoveAlzheimer’s Care at Home – Importance of Alzheimer’s Safety

As your family member ages or possibly begins to experience Alzheimer’s or memory loss, there are many safety factors which need to be thought through to ensure their quality of life and well being when providing Alzheimer’s Care at Home.

When you know your loved one is safe not only in their home but their medical conditions are being looked at in all areas and properly cared for you will experience an immense weight off your shoulders.

When you have a better grasp on exactly what you are dealing with and feel educated on the best way to take care of your loved one, you will feel a huge sense of ease which will be not only reflected in the care you give but in the overall experience they receive through this time.

Below are 3 Alzheimer’s Care at Home safety tips for safe in home care to consider as you begin to walk through this process of cross checking their safety and security.

    1. Are they receiving the correct medical attention? Often times you find that doctors will prescribe too many medications, or not run the correct testing to discover exactly what your loved one is facing. Ensuring that you are receiving the correct medical attention is vital. When in need of Alzheimer’s care at home Elder Care at Home is here to assist you with any needs you may face.
    2. Is your loved one taking the time to dedicate towards physical exercise? This is so important for your loved one to maintain regardless of what medical condition they are experiencing. Continued physical exercise promotes positive thinking, boosts endorphins and helps to give you an overall sense of well being. If your loved one is seeking ways to continue to maintain physical fitness while experiencing Alzheimer’s care at home please call us at Elder Care at Home. We have many caregivers who are experienced in tips and regimens to provide to your loved one.
    3. Make sure to limit the amount of alcoholic beverages your loved one has. There have been many studies conducted which report that limiting the number of alcoholic drinks your loved one has to one is best. Anything beyond this can not only have a negative effect interacting with the medication they may be taking (if any), but additionally they will metabolize the alcohol slower than they used to at a younger age and become inebriated much faster. Next time you are sitting down for a meal with your loved one it would be a great idea to take a look at how many glasses of wine they are having and make a safety assessment based on this.

Make sure to contact Elder Care at Home for Alzheimer’s care at home if you are having any questions regarding the best Alzheimer’s care at home for your loved one. We are here always to assist you during this time, and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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