Senior Care Boca Raton – Perform a Home Safety Assessment

How To Perform a Proper Safety Assessment In A New Home Senior Care Boca Raton – Perform a Home Safety Assessment

When your loved one is experiencing aging and is in need of senior care Boca Raton and a safe home environment, there are many areas to consider. It is vital to create a list of safety best practices and ways to ensure your loved ones senior care is managed well, and Elder Care at Home Boca Raton offers tips for senior care Boca Raton, as well as throughout the Palm Beach County area. We hope to be a resource you will use when going through this process.

Cross check our list of 5 areas in your loved ones home to take a look at, and make sure all of these items are readily available when mapping out senior care Boca Raton.

Clean out all the clutter

Make sure to eliminate any clutter throughout the house, and use organizational tools to help you to eliminate items from piling up in the future. There are many small items which can make a huge impact such as a small side table by the front door to hold your mail and keys so you have a dedicated area to always hold these items. This will also eliminate the possibility of your loved one tripping and falling or even losing imperative items.

Lighting makes all the difference

Consider the lighting in your loved ones home, and whether or not there is adequate lighting or additional lamps which need to be brought into the home. When planning out the best senior care in Boca Raton for your loved one there are a myriad of resources, and Boca Raton Elder Care at Home is here to help with this process. Please see the image included in this post to verify the items mentioned and see if your loved ones home has a similar layout.

Security is important

Today you now have the ability to have security at the touch of your fingertips, and this is something which adds a level of assurance for not only you, but your loved one as well. There are many security providers which are affordable and allow you to check in on your loved one in real time to view that they are safely at home. Contact us at Elder Care at Home Boca Raton and learn how we can help you with any questions you may have regarding the safety and well being of your loved one as they transition into this important phase of their life.

Rug placement and no slip padding

It is important to consider no slip padding as well as all placement of the rugs you have in your home as you prepare the layout of your aging loved ones home. When starting to plan all senior care for someone important in your life, you may find yourself considering even the smallest item as a potential safety hazard. Make sure to create a list of the best places to purchase the items you need as well as top reviews (which are easy to find on Amazon and other reputable sites)

Have you thought about your furniture layout?

This can cause a world of difference in your loved ones home as you try to provide the best guidance in their senior care. Elder Care at Home is a top resource for senior care in Boca Raton, and has assisted many previous and existing clients go through the best way to optimize your loved ones home for safety. Consider certain areas like the edges of your living room table, and if rubberized bumpers are needed. Also take the time to make sure that there is enough room to maneuver comfortably throughout your the home starting at the front door, all the way to your loved ones bedroom. Check our testimonials to learn more about what people are saying!

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