In Home Nursing Care for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

in-home-nursing-care-for-seniors-with-alzheimersLike many other people across the country, your life may have just gotten busier because of the additional duty of primary caregiver for an elderly loved one. Perhaps you are thinking “Why me?” That can be answered quite simply. You’re reliable, dependable, and patient. Those three attributes describe some of the most sought after qualities of in home nursing care for seniors with Alzheimer’s in West Palm Beach and other parts of the country.

There are quite a few people to meet over the next few years, most of whom will be exceptionally helpful. The first one is the Geriatric Care Manager (GCM). Speaking with the patient, family and friends about the care that is required, as well as expenses, is just part of the job. The GCM mediates family disputes and goes to bat to achieve the best care for the patient. A big part of the job is referring top-notch personnel to provide at home care, while evaluating progress and making necessary changes to the plan.

In home nursing care for seniors with Alzheimer’s in West Palm Beach benefit both the patient and the primary caregiver by performing a variety of services. Preparing nutritious meals that can be frozen and reheated in the microwave eliminates the problem of dinner not being ready when your loved one wants to eat. A companion that helps with bathing and dressing reduces the risk of a fall and injury.

As the primary caregiver, your health and well-being are also important. Avoid the impulse to try and take care of all the tasks yourself. Stress gets you nowhere but rundown and sick. Take the time to get organized. The GCM and other caregivers will guide you in that project. Weigh the importance of washing dishes against your loved one’s request to sit and watch a TV show and let the dishes go.

You’ll find that prioritizing tasks gives you more time to spend caring for your loved one and an occasional afternoon off as one of the in home nursing care for seniors with Alzheimer’s in West Palm Beach arrives to help. Call ElderCare at Home at 561-585-0400 today.


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