Alzheimer’s Care Delray Beach – Safe Bathroom Tips

Keys to the safest bathroom for your aging loved one copyAlzheimer’s Care Delray Beach – Safe Bathroom Tips

Below are 5 tips and tools which will help you create the safest bathroom for Alzheimer’s care Delray Beach, for your loved one as they start to experience the aging process.

Knowing how to find Alzheimer’s care Delray Beach, to ensure the safety of your loved one will provide huge peace of mind for you and your family, as well as assist the overall process. The goal is comfort and safety, and below are some different areas to help you get there.

1) Handle bars in the shower 

These are vital and can make all the difference in a potentially dangerous moment for your loved one. It is imperative that you keep all items needed for showering in an easily accessible area, so when it is time to take a shower it is an enjoyable and smooth process. Don’t forget about any additional shower amenities that may also be vital for the safety of your loved one such as a chair or bench in the shower. Please contact us at Elder Care at Home if you need any caregiver assistance with this.

2) Make sure it is easy to enter all areas of the restroom 

The last thing you want to deal with is your loved one struggling to enter their restroom. Sometimes the slightest adjustment to your current furniture placement, or the removal of certain items in your bathroom can help a great deal. The most important thing to remember is to make each door to the restroom easily accessible. Additionally, make sure you keep all toiletry items in a low to the ground area so they can be reached easily. This is very important when figuring out the layout for your loved ones restroom.

3) Add rubberized surfaces to different areas of the bathroom

Rubberized surfaces provide an additional safety element to your restroom and eliminate the ability for wet surfaces to create problems. There are many places which sell products which are rubberized such as Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Walmart. Mats for the entire floor are most ideal, but at a minimum placement near the toilet and shower are key to utilize. This provides a level of ease while maneuvering throughout the bathroom for your loved one. Also adding rubber toilet seat toppers is a great idea.

4) No slip rugs go a long way

If your loved one wishes to keep the rugs which are not rubberized it is important to add a no slip backing to your rug. Design and aesthetic are important to some, but safety has to come first. Make sure to perform a safety check with water to ensure that you won’t encounter any issues down the road.

5) Areas to mount walker

This can be extremely helpful for your loved one while they are utilizing their restroom. You want to make sure they can easily grab their walker or utilize it while in the restroom. The key is to keep it in a place which is not hidden in any way, and easy to grab. Also cross check that there is no way that the walker could fall after being mounted. This is very important to think about as you create the ideal restroom for your loved one.

Please contact us today for all of your questions and concerns for Alzheimer’s Care Delray Beach when you are in need of caregiver assistance at Elder Care at Home. We offer support and assistance all throughout the Delray Beach and Palm Beach County and look forward to hearing from you!

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