Laughter and Old Age

Laughter and Old Age

Laughter, Health, and Old Age

Laughter may, in fact, be the best medicine. As described in a Huffington Post report, a study conducted by Loma Linda University in California found that laughter is linked to better short-term memory, decreases in cortisol (a “stress hormone”), and can even burn up calories if done long enough.

The University of Maryland has done a study which suggests that laughter may protect against heart attacks because laughter lowers one’s level of stress, something which can have detrimental effects on blood vessels. In an article by the American Heart Association, laughing can promote a healthy heart by increasing HDL levels, also known as the “good cholesterol.”

The complex effect laughing has on your health is still being explored. Nevertheless, one can safely conclude that laughing is good for you and can decrease stress. If there is an elderly loved one whom you are caring for, take some time to tell them a joke, a humorous story, or tell them something from your past that is sure to brighten their day. Sharing a story that promotes laughter and happiness is in fact a crucial component to effective caregiving.

Something to keep in mind is the tone of the jokes and stories you tell. You should definitely avoid telling dark, negative, or highly inappropriate jokes since you run the risk of aggravating your loved one since they may not take it well. Your tone should be light, trusting, and good-natured.

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