Long-Distance Caregiving Challenges

Long-Distance Caregiving Challenges

Long Distance CaregivingWhen you live at a distance, caring for a parent that has Alzheimer’s disease   creates a number of difficult challenges.

You may that you have difficulty determining what is really happening on a day-to-day basis. When you arrive for a visit, you might find that although your parent sounded “good on the phone”, the situation at home is not good at all.

Most adult children find that they have a limited amount of time they can spend in South Florid and a lot that they need to accomplish as a caregiver.

ElderCare at Home partners with our clients to proactively address the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and financial needs of their aging parents, by providing comprehensive ElderCare Assessments and individualized ElderCare Plans.

Long-distance caregivers are able to return to their own lives knowing that they have a local, professional family who will serve as an advocate for their loved one, and as a surrogate for them.

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