Nursing Home Visits

Nursing Home Visits

Making visits to a nursing home can often be difficult for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, visits can be hard to fit in your schedule, especially if you’re working. And when you do make visits, sometimes your loved one may not be in the best mood or they may even be sleeping. As a result, you may have to reschedule and find another time to come. With your busy schedule, rescheduling can be tough sometimes. How can you make your nursing home visits worthwhile for both you and your loved one?

Tips to Make Visits Effective

  • Try to plan around your loved one’s schedule: Pay attention to the times of days that your loved one is in the best mood or when they are awake and alert. This will help ensure that you are engaging and interacting with your loved one completely and effectively.
  • Bring treats: Everybody loves to be thought of. There’s no better way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them than when you bring them a gift. And by gift we mean anything that could make them happy, including their favorite snack. For example, if your loved one loves drinking coffee, bring them a cup from their favorite restaurant.
  • Pay attention to your loved one’s needs: Nursing home environments can often be uncomfortable for those staying there. There can be a lot of reason for this, so it is best to listen to your loved one to see if they have specific complaints. Hopefully, you can talk to management or an on-staff aide to help address whatever concerns your loved one has.
  • Surprise your loved one: If you are in the habit of visiting your loved one a few set times during the week, maybe you can try sprinkling in a few surprise visits. Your loved one would be happy to see you. If they don’t like surprises, then stay on schedule!
  • Volunteer: If you are closely attached to your loved one, then it is a great idea to volunteer at the nursing home. This will ensure that you are nearby more often and can be attentive more quickly. This also allows you to participate in daily events with your loved one if they are able. Being present is always a way to show support.
  • Let your loved one talk: As we age, it is important to continue engaging in stimulating conversations with others. This helps our mind stay sharp and alert. Let your loved one reminisce and tell their favorite stories, even if you’ve heard them all before.
  • Respond accordingly when times aren’t so good: Sometimes your loved one may not be in the best of moods when you visit. Rather than leaving, try to listen to them and solve the problem at hand. If all they want to do is vent to you, then let them. And if they do not want company, then remind them that you are there for them and give them their space. You can always try visiting later to see if their mood has improved.

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