Palm Beach and Broward County Alzheimer’s Disease Experts

ElderCare at Home, an Alzheimer’s/dementia specific geriatric care managment company and private duty home care agency, is pleased to announce that Dr. David Ross is serving as our expert on a variety of neurological topices that affect the elderly and their caregivers in Palm Beach, Broward & Martin counties. Feel free to send your questions to us at and we will try answer your question in one of our posts.

QUESTIONMy parent just received a probable diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. What are the most important things our family should do?

This is a critical but complex question. There is no simple answer. The single most important thing that the patient and the family can do is to think and learn. Recognize that the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, like all dementias, is not a medical emergency. The best approach is a carefully considered, comprehensive approach to the condition. Read the rest of the answer here!