Preparing the Patient for the In-Home Assessment

Caring for Mom

Assessing a patient is one of the first things that we do in the course of providing care or service to our clients. Many times the adult children have no idea how to prepare their mom or dad for our “visit”. They are not sure how to explain who we are, why we are there and what it all means. Many clients are resistant to having a stranger in their home. Some are suspicious and fearful.

Sometime the only thing that works is telling a little white lie. Our care managers can be referred by a caring physician  who in most cases, has no objection to the idea. We can be introduced as an old friend from school or a volunteer from Church. Although we strongly believe in being as up-front and as honest as we can with our elders, there are times that these little white lies provide us the opportunity to get in the door and begin the rapport building process. Does it work all the time? No… But it works most of the time.

This crucial first step allows us to begin the assessment and evaluation process as well as coaching and guiding the family towards establishing the most appropriate ElderCare Plan for their loved one.