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Professionals rely on Eldercare at Home to help them help their clients remain in the place they most want to be their own home. In the elder care industry, our name is synonymous with Alzheimer’s/dementia specific expertise and high quality care and services. That is why professionals from numerous disciplines come to ElderCare for guidance.

Our ElderCare Specialists work closely with: Physicians, Hospitals and Rehabilitation & Sub Acute Facilities, Assisted Living and Independent Living Communities, Attorneys and Trust Officers, Business Professionals, Geriatric Care Managers

Identifying the problems Finding the solutions…

ElderCare at Home - Our Model of Care

ElderCare at Home-a licensed nurse registry,  focuses on the whole family. Our comprehensive services will help you, help the patients and families that you serve.
ElderCare Assessment– Comprehensive ElderCare Assessment™ individual physical, psychological, medical, social and spiritual needs.
ElderCare Plan– Customized ElderCare Plan for each patient and family.
ElderCare Monitor- Ongoing monitoring, evaluation updating of ElderCare Plan
Coaching for Caregiver– Counseling & Support Services


Offering Physicians Valuable Adjunct Services

ElderCare understands the challenges physicians face. Dealing with reductions in Medicare payments, managed care reimbursement, DRGs, and the costs associated with running an office can be demanding. In addition, geriatric patients often need a great deal of time with their primary or specialized physician. They often experience fear and anxiety, and require time and attention for explanations about their disease, symptoms, medications, and side effects.

Eldercare at Home offers physicians valuable adjunct services. We can help reduce stress and anxiety by answering patient questions, explaining your diagnosis and care plan, coordinating health care benefits, and support resources. We can make referrals, determine the necessity of in-home assistance and caregivers, and provide both families and physicians with the support they need and want.

Working with Physicians for Quality Care

ElderCare works closely with physicians to provide our patients and their families with the best in-home health and geriatric care services. This is accomplished in a number of ways including:

  • Providing support to patients struggling with a new disease diagnosis
  • Coordinating health care benefits and resources
  • Attending appointments with families in crisis to discuss their elder care options
  • Coordinating physician orders with home care to ensure quality patient service
  • Medication management services
  • Determining when a patient requires assistance with the activities of daily living or is not safe in the home
  • Refer patients to specialty physicians including geriatricians, psychiatrists, neurologists, orthopedists, oncologists, pulmonologists, and endocrinologists

Referring Patients to ElderCare at Home

You and your patients can easily reach ElderCare at Home by simply calling our 24-hour referral line at 800-209-4342. We are available anytime, day or night, to answer questions or arrange a consultation. Once a request is made, service usually begins within 24 hours or sooner for emergencies. One of our Care Managers will partner with the client, their family and the physician to coordinate and provide the highest quality of care possible.

Hospitals, Rehabilitation & Sub- Acute Facilities

More Than Traditional Home Health Care

ElderCare at Home provides a unique and comprehensive services that help to make the professional lives of sub-acute and hospital discharge planners easier and more efficient. With over twenty years experience, we are the recognized experts in Alzheimer’s/dementia specific home health care services. This distinguishes us from other more traditional home care companies and establishes us as a leader in the field. Our full-service model offers:

  • Geriatric Care Management – to assist you, your clients and their families from the moment a discharge plan is formulated. At either the facility or family member’s request, we will assess your client prior to his or her discharge and arrange for any services you recommend. This type of full-service or live-in care leaves you more time to concentrate on more challenging and difficult discharges.
  • Fully Integrated ElderCare for a smooth transition home, which will make you feel more secure in the belief your discharge plan will be followed.
  • Long-term partnerships with ElderCare ensure you do not lose touch with clients. We understand that many sub-acute patients become long-term skilled nursing facility clients. When a patient is discharged with Eldercare at Home we closely monitor his or her needs. In the event skilled care becomes a necessity, we will be involved in the placement decision and send the patient back to you.
  • Residential placement recommendation requests are commonplace. ElderCare at Home specializes in dementia specific geriatric care management as well as appropriate information and referral sourcing. Therefore, clients often ask us for the best residential placement options and our top recommendations. This benefit of partnering with us is further supported by our years of working with a highly discriminating clientele, who are typically private pay patients.
  • Professional education programs is another benefit to choosing ElderCare at Home. We offer training, education, seminars and in-service education. Visit our site at and

The ElderCare at Home Difference – When referring sub-acute discharge patients to ElderCare at Home, you may also like to know that:

ElderCare assures that our caregivers have been thoroughly trained in caring for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other memory impairments, as well as underlying conditions including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, pre and post operative care, nutrition and more.

ElderCare at Home works closely with many certified Medicare provider agencies and hospitals. Therefore, one phone call to ElderCare at Home ensures that all patient services are coordinated with your preferred providers.ElderCare at Home assigns all patients the most qualified caregiver within 24 hours from the point of request. In addition, our upper management team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and responds to any phone call within 30 minutes.

ElderCare is often consulted for information, referrals and residential placement recommendations. We frequently recommend health care partners with whom we work most closely and successfully.

Where to Start

ElderCare at Home can initiate services within 24 hours of a request and even sooner for emergencies. To start the process, simply call our toll free referral line at 800-209-4342 . A member of our team will provide you with a complimentary consultation to establish need and identify the kind of caregiver your situation calls for.

Prior to initiating our service, a Geriatric Care Manager will meet with the patient and the sub-acute team to create an appropriate ElderCare Plan. If this is not necessary, an in-home assessment will take place. From this point, ElderCare at Home partners with the patient and their family to provide the highest quality of care possible.

Assisted Living & Independent Living Facilities

A Little Extra Help When You Need it

Assisted living communities encourage independence, but sometimes residents need a little extra help. No one knows this better than ElderCare at Home. When residents are recovering from an illness or hospitalization, they often require individual attention. This type of personalized care can be challenging, if not impossible, for assisted living staff to deliver.

ElderCare at Home can supplement care for those residents who don’t necessarily require skilled nursing care. The assistance of one of our highly trained caregivers can help a resident remain comfortably in an assisted living environment. Our caregivers are ready and able to bridge the gap and provide residents with the extra help they need.

Cost Effective Home Care for your Residents

ElderCare at Home is committed to providing high quality home care at affordable rates. In fact, our pricing is comparable to many companies that offer far less. Our extensive experience and professional connections are valuable resources for individuals moving into assisted living from both inside and outside the South Florida area.

Although not mandated, all of our services are fully integrated and all of our caregivers are of the highest caliber. Many assisted living communities find comfort in our comprehensive approach, which is why they often recommend ElderCare at Home to their residents and their families.

Delivering the Best in ElderCare Services

At ElderCare, our extensive experience and compassionate approach provides innovative, quality home care services to our assisted living partners and their families. With over twenty years experience, we are solely focused on providing the best in Alzheimer’s/dementia specific elder care services:

  • Full-service private home health care in any residential facility
  • Live-in and caregivers
  • Geriatric care management to assist your staff and/or your clients
  • Placement and referral services
  •  Specialized services and training for Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory impaired patients
  • Continuing education and professional CEU seminars
  • In-service training
  •  Family education programs
  •  Information and referral services and partner recommendations

Emergency response and monitoring on behalf of long-distance family caregivers, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week ElderCare at Home can initiate services within 24 hours of a request and even sooner for emergencies.

To start the process, simply call our toll free referral line at 800-209-4342.

Attorneys & Trust Officers

A Valued Resource for Elder Law Attorneys and Trust Officers

ElderCare at Home and the ElderCare Resource Center is committed to meeting the needs of aging clients, their families, and the communities in which they live. We approach this goal in a comprehensive manner that includes integrated geriatric care management and home health care services.

Our initial client ElderCare Assessmentroutinely includes establishing legal preparedness. We will ask if he or she has a living will, medical care proxy, guardianship, and Power of Attorney. If the client answers yes to any of these questions, we initiate a discussion on the importance of these legal issues. We then refer the client or family to an experience Elder Law Attorney.

An Emphasis on Advanced Planning

ElderCare does more than merely provide home care and geriatric care management services. We also provide peace of mind. We have over 20 years experience working directly with patients and families suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and their attorneys and trust officers. From this vantage point we understand and emphasize the importance of advanced legal and financial planning. We are keenly aware that a lack of planning can create a crisis situation, while proper planning always has a positive outcome.

The ElderCare Client -Educated and Informed

Like lawyers, ElderCare has a highly educated and consumer informed client base. Our clients want quality service and are willing to pay for it. These individuals are familiar with estate planning, asset protection and Medicaid planning. But, like most people, they have a tendency to delay putting their affairs in order. When this is the case, ElderCare at Home and the ElderCare Resource Center is there to remind our clients how important this planning is to their estate and to their loved ones. We are also available to refer them to the appropriate elder law and estate planning attorneys and trust officers.

Making a Referral is Easy

Referring a client to ElderCare is simple. Either you or your client can contact one of our ElderCare Specialists by calling 1-800-209-4342. He or she will arrange for an initial ElderCare Assessment which determines what type of care the client requires and whether multiple services are needed.

Since families can be overwhelmed in these types of situations, we advise you to place a pre-emptive call to the assigned geriatric care managers so that the client and your wishes can be discussed. ElderCare welcomes the opportunity to develop new professional relationships. Different attorneys specialize in various aspects of elder, estate and tax law. We endeavor to always make the appropriate referral, while respecting the clients preference, choice and geographic location. Building trusted relationships with many attorneys, accountants and financial planners allows us to share proven, valued resources with others.

Business Professionals

Why Business Professionals Need a Home Care and Geriatric Care Management Partner

As the population ages, business professionals such as attorneys, financial planners, Certified Public Accountants, Reverse Mortgage Consultants, Benefits Administrators, and long-term care insurance counselors will need to be familiar with home health care. This knowledge will enable them to better protect their clients interests and safety.

It is important that business professionals establish a relationship with a geriatric care management firm and home care company like ElderCare at Home and the ElderCare Resource Center. Then when clients request guidance beyond their expertise, they will be prepared and confident in their referral.

Exceeding Client Expectations

At ElderCare, exceeding client expectations is not what we do, it is who we are. We are motivated by a genuine passion and desire to offer unprecedented services to the elderly. We accomplish this by setting ourselves apart in terms of our unique approach, seamless services, specialized training and education, and our philosophy of keeping patients in the place they most want to be their own home.

We are proud of our rich tradition of engaging the highest caliber management, elder care professionals, caregivers, and support staff available today. Our commitment to providing dementia specific geriatric care management and home care services is part of an extraordinary vision shared by our dedicated team of geriatric professionals. These men and women understand every aspect of caring for an aging loved one. This includes the joys, obligations, rewards, and challenges. But we share much more than a common vision. We share a profound respect for the contributions of our older citizens. These contributions have had a tremendous impact on our lives, communities and country. We understand what the elderly are owed and we are dedicated to repaying that debt with the dignity, compassion and expertise they respect and deserve.

Promoting Strategic Alliances

As a referral based business, ElderCare at Home understands the importance of strategic alliances. That is why we invite our preferred professional partners to join us in sponsoring one of the many educational programs we offer throughout the year. ElderCare provides numerous professional seminars and Caring for the Caregiver events each year. Sponsoring a seminar aligns your business with ElderCare, a recognized leader in the field of Alzheimer’s/dementia specific elder care services.

Geriatric Care Managers

Providing Immeasurable Value to Our Clients and their Families

ElderCare at Home and the ElderCare Resource Center genuinely appreciates the value of geriatric care management as a core component of its integrated elder care services. In fact, some of our key professionals were pioneers of professional geriatric care management. The care management model including the ElderCare Assessment ElderCare Plan and the coordination of all the spheres affecting the elder client and his or her family, actually formed the foundation of ElderCare at Homes service philosophy.

Partners in Care

ElderCare assists clients, their families and the professional community with complementary information and referrals. Many client inquires can be handled via telephone and email, but when there is the need for a more engaged form of guidance or assistance, a geriatric care manager arranges for an in-home assessment. It is at this time that the referrals for specialized services are identified and recommendations are made for home care or ongoing geriatric care management services.

When home care is not needed but crisis intervention or long-term involvement is indicated, referrals are made to other highly-skilled geriatric care practitioners with whom the ElderCare Resource Center partners. This partnership-based referral may be predicated on area of clinical expertise, specialty within a care management practice, geographic location of the client and/or family, or the history of working with mutually respected broader referral sources.

Shared Vision and Shared Caring

It is not uncommon for an elderly client and his or her family to require only on-going home care services. ElderCares geriatric care management visits whether for an initial ElderCare Assessmentor for subsequent ElderCare Monitoring helps to observe the family dynamics, the transition from wellness to disability or chronic illness and other issues related to long-term planning.

The expertise of the geriatric care manager to identify these issues and challenges, beyond home care, presents a unique opportunity for other professional interventions. Referrals to geriatric care experts allow ElderCare at Home and the ElderCare Resource Center to offer specialized services delivered by experienced individuals who are also dedicated to maintaining the clients quality of life.

Similarly, many of ElderCare’s care management partners feel comfort in knowing that regular visits by our staff provide additional oversight and support for their clients. With a client’s permission, both verbal and written reports are shared with the geriatric care manager to enable them to adjust their ElderCare Plan for the client or reach out to family about changes in the client’s status. Geriatric Care managers frequently compliment ElderCare on the enormous value of their shared partnership including reciprocal referrals.

Frequently, out-of-area or out-of-state geriatric care managers refer clients to ElderCare at Home when they are consulting with families whose parent may live in South Florida and require home care services and on-going supervision. There is comfort in knowing that a client is being returned into safe, competent and professional hands

Becoming an ElderCare at Home Care Management Partner

ElderCare is always interested in collaborative professional partnerships with those who share our vision of elder care respect for one’s dignity, dedication to informed choices and sharing options that best fit the needs of the client. We welcome a call or visit with our Care Management staff to explore ways in which we can better serve our clients, their families and the professional geriatric community.

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