Shame on Them! Using Scare Tactics to Sell Home Care Services

Shame on Them!  Using Scare Tactics to Sell Home Care Services


Shame on Them! Using Scare Tactics to Sell Home Care Services

I had the opportunity to attend an event last week and was shocked that one of the speakers, who was asked to speak to a small group of caregivers, used scare tactics when discussing how to choose a home care provider.

This was certainly not the first speaker I have heard try this approach, and it likely won’t be the last.

Although there are hundreds of medicare certified, as well as non-medical home care agencies, and nurse registries in the State of Florida, each and every one of us is licensed and supervised by the Agency for Health Care Administration. There are also very strong Florida Statutes and Federal laws that govern each business model to assure the safety of the consumer and the patient. This has been the case for literally decades.

As the founder of two of the most well respected nurse registries in the State of Florida, and the current President of ElderCare at Home, I have spent the last 25 years referring qualified caregivers, who have provided exceptional private duty home care services, to thousands of patients and families. We have never resorted to frightening a potential client to gain their business.

Our nurse registry model of care has proven year after year to be the most cost effective, as well as a professional, and safe way for families to keep their loved one at home. And because it is so affordable, and has successfully stood the test of time, many home care agency owners are now choosing to switch to the more successful nurse registry business model ~ and they’re switching in droves.

And for those that don’t make the switch? I respect my competitors decision to operate their business as they see fit, however I take great issue with the blatant use of absolutely false and inaccurate scare tactics to try to gain business from a frail elderly spouse or an overwhelmed adult child.

The elderly spouse or adult child of someone with Alzheimer’s disease, or who is recovering from illness or hospitalization, turns to the professionals in our community for sound advice, guidance and support, during a very difficult time in their life.  They might meet us at a conference, through a referral or from a friend. It is our responsibility to both the community and the person seeking help, to provide them with the most accurate information we can, in the most professional way possible.

Providing false and inaccurate information as fact, or supplying only half-truths to sway a caregiver, is embarrassing and unprofessional. Bad-mouthing a competitors business model, especially when that business model has been adopted by hundreds of business owners and embraced by tens of thousands of patients, is a pretty awful way do run a company.

Although I have never felt the need to defend my choice to own and operate a nurse registry, I have and always will, defend the patients right to choose and advocate fiercely for their protection and their rights.

In closing, I will share with you two points of fact on the two most common scare tactics that are used, as they relate to my own nurse registry:

Scare Tactic #1 – The IRS
In 25 years I have never had a single, solitary client contacted by the IRS or any other Federal or State organization in regards to the tax liability, employment taxes or unemployment claims, on any of the Independent Contractors referred to them through my organizations.  To suggest that a family is likely to face this situation is nonsense. Common sense would dictate that if this was a real issue in the real world, rather than entrepreneurs and agency principals opening nurse registries in droves, they would all be closing in droves instead.  This continues to be the scare tactic of choice regardless of the fact that hundred and hundreds of nurse registries serve tens of thousands of families each and every year, without incident.

Scare Tactic #2 – Workman’s Compensation

As sad as it is to report, in 25 years I have never had a single, solitary client be asked, or even approached, to pay any sort of Workman’s Compensation claim despite the fact that one of my own Independent Contractors passed away while on the job and in our clients home.  To suggest to a family that they are liable if an Independent Contractor is injured while in their home is favorite scare tactic #2.

The bottom line is, bad things can happen, and they do, regardless of how an agency is licensed.  At the end of the day, good agencies and their representatives, will always do every thing they can to protect patients and caregivers, and will act in an honest and ethical way, at all times.

Unfortunately, and it is unfortunate, there are plenty of patients and families that need our help. Shame on anyone who believes that the best way to grow your business, or serve our community, is to do so by defaming a competitors business model.

If you ever have any questions on ElderCare at Home, or want the real facts on a successfully, licensed nurse registry business model, or would like to learn how to really choose the most cost effective and professional home care provider, call or email me anytime!

Until next time,
Elayne Forgie




Elayne Forgie
Founder, President & CEO

ElderCare at Home