Shower Safety for Seniors

Shower Safety for Seniors

Shower Safety for Seniors

As we age, our mobility, strength, and bone durability tend to decline. As a result, we are more prone to injuries and these injuries, like broken bones, may take longer to heal. If you are a family caregiver caring for an aging loved one, safety is probably one of your top priorities. Today, we want to go over one area of the home that may pose substantial risk for injuries: the bathroom.

Bathroom areas are a common place for falls and the risks for falls and injuries increase for those with reduced mobility.[1] The majority of falls among elderly populations usually happen in the bathroom, so securing this area is very important.[2] One of the reasons this may happen is because the bathroom is usually slippery due to the presence of water and tile floors. This environment creates a potentially hazardous place for people with reduced mobility or cognitive function. In today’s blog we are going to go over ways you can ensure more safety in the bathroom.

Consider Installing These in the Bathroom

Safety bars: These stainless-steel bars are commonly seen in public restrooms near toilets. You can buy them and install them in showers and around toilets. These bars can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping balance and standing up. And they can be great supports when stepping into or out of the shower or bathtub. While you can buy these bars for relatively cheap, it may cost a bit more to have them installed. Search your local home improvement store for more details.

Shower chairs: Another option if your loved one has difficulty standing is a shower chair or a transfer bench. A shower chair is a seating area installed for showers to help users avoid standing. A transfer bench is similar and it can facilitate getting into and out of bathing areas. These can be very useful ways to help avoid slips and falls while also providing a more comfortable experience for your loved one.

Non-slip mats: It goes without saying that you should help your loved one avoid slippery areas. One way to do this is by installing non-slip mats. The can be used inside and outside of showers, just make sure to buy the appropriate style for whichever surface you are covering. These mats can make the shower area safe to walk on without fear of falling.

Lighting: Install brighter lights and/or night lights to help your loved one navigate the area more easily. Falls can sometimes be the result of poor visibility in certain environments.

Storage: Make commonly used items easily accessible for your loved one in addition to storing away items that may be in the way. Having items in easy-to-access environments can make showering a lot easier for both assisted and unassisted showering. [3]

When it comes to caregiving, safety always comes first. If you have any questions, please call ElderCare at Home at 888-285-0093 or visit our website.

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