Specialty Home Care Programs

In addition to our Alzheimer’s and memory impaired  private duty referral services, ElderCare at Home, a licensed nurse registry, has referred licensed and credentialed caregivers who have provided exceptional care to thousands of patients through a number of specialty home care programs and our vast network of referred, independent contractors.

Each referral program allows the patient to recuperate in the place they most want to be… their own home!  Most patients experience positive outcomes and are able to enjoy an improved quality of life.

Alzheimer's Home Care Services'

Alzheimer’s Care 

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease; meaning symptoms of confusion, disorientation, and memory loss worsen over time. However, many of our clients are able to find ways to cope with this disease and still continue their daily life routine with the guidance and care of a skilled Home Health Aide or Certified Nurses Aide.  From an hour a day to 24 hour care, we are here when you need us most!

Alzheimer’s Home Care Services




Parkinson's Home Care Services Parkinson’s Care

Parkinson’s Disease can progress slowly and go unnoticed for some time. It can start as a tremor in your hands and limbs, and eventually develop into a slowing or complete loss of movement. Monitoring and managing Parkinson’s disease can help ensure maintenance of quality of life and daily routine. ElderCare at Home can help!

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Parkinson’s Home Care Services



 Pre-op and Post-op Home Care ServicesPre-Op & Post-Op Care

Knowing someone you trust will be there to help you prepare for surgery, and who will then care for you when you come home, can help ease your anxiety, and ensure you can recover in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of your own home.

Pre-Operative and Post-Operative
Home Care Services



 Orthopedic Home Care ServicesOrthopedic Home Care

Whether you are recovering from surgery or fracture; sprain or strain, a qualified CNA or HHA can help you on the road to recovery. Services can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs.

Orthopedic Home Care Services



Stroke Home Care ServicesStroke Home Care

A stroke can often leave behind negative side effects on verbal skills, vision, speech and movement. These impairments can cause stress and frustration.  We will help you customize a personalized care plan that will help you reduce frustration as you work to regain your maximum level of function.

Stroke Home Care Services




 Welcome Home Transitional Home Care ServicesHomeward Bound!
Transitional Care

There’s no place like home…  Our referred caregivers make the transition from hospital or rehabilitation, back to home, as smooth as possible by actively engaging patients and family caregivers with a focus on meeting their goals. Short or long-term care services available.

Transitional Home Care Services



  Cardiac Home Care ServicesHealing Hearts
Cardiac Care

The recovery period after heart surgery usually lasts six to 12 weeks and can be a lonely and challenging time. During this time, the patient and caregiver must take precautions in a number of areas to assure a good recovery. A qualified home health aide or certified nurses aide referred by ElderCare at Home can make a difference! 

Cardiac Home Care Services

 Cancer Home Care ServicesCancer & Oncology Care

If you or a loved one is coping with the daily stresses, challenges, physical, and emotional effects of cancer, we can help.  We understand the problems that people with cancer experience, and our highly skilled, referred caregivers will provide immediate and effective care that is designed to meet the patient’s specific needs and support them throughout the recovery process.

Cancer Home Care Services



 End-of-Life Home Care ServicesEnd-of-Life Home Care

Our independent, referred caregivers will support you and your loved one by working with Hospice or other medical provider to fully meet your family’s care needs. They will help care for the client and help around the house as well as provide you with emotional and moral support.  

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