Step 3 -~ Make a Plan

The most effective family caregiving plans are made with the person you are caring for at the center of the discussion. Armed with the information you gathered form going through our goals and needs checklist, you can being to explore the options available in the community and bring in team members to help manage the workload/

By now, you should also have an idea of the willing caregivers on your team. It’s now time to figure out your plan. Be sure to ask your caregiving team members about their preferences for who does what task. For instance, they might be more comfortable with one person handling financial affairs over another.  Assigning tasks can take place in a face-to-face family meeting, over a conference call, or through a series of emails.

The plan doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. You can never anticipate every detail or scenario. The plan should include immediate needs as well as the future the goals and needs checklist as your guide. Options for addressing needs will depend on finances, the willingness of your support team and the availability of community resources and services. For example, if your loves one wants to move in the next year or so, you can assign someone the task of researching locations and facilities, Someone else might offer to spend some weekends helping them sort through their belongings.

A written summary of the plan can reinforce your loved one’s wishes and needs. Set up a system for communicating with everyone on the team. The point person should be well organized and an in-depth planner who can work through conflicts between the team members.

There are a number of roles that people can help with; for example, you might want an assertive advocate to communicate with medial professionals or insurance companies. Be open to modifications as the situation and team members’ ability to help may change. How your love one’s needs unfold may differ from what you expected.

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