Strengthening Your Mind

Whenever I give a presentation I am always asked the same question, “What can I do to strengthen my mind?” We’ve heard that it is important to keep our minds active, to eat right and to stimulate our brain. For some of us, we need something to get us motivated. In the new book, Strengthen Your Mind: Activities for People Concerned About Early Memory Loss, adults can engage in a “mental workout”, strengthening the brain and naturally staving off the decay of one’s mental facilities.

From matching a list of words for groups of people (such as “guild”, “clique”, or “crew”) to their descriptions, to recalling words for the places animals live, to being prompted to remember common sayings that go with colors (like “To see things better than what they really are – rose”), Strengthen Your Mind, Volume Two is an excellent mental exercise book. Each activity sheet has its corresponding answers on the back for quick and easy reference. Ideal for self-study or for use in working with anyone concerned about their mental faculties.