Summer Ideas for Caregivers

Summer Ideas for Caregivers

Summer Ideas for Caregivers

Summer is approaching and that means the weather is warming up and outdoor events may start popping up everywhere you go. In this blog, we want to offer some tips on what caregivers can do to give themselves a break from the caregiving role. Caregiving can be an exhausting and tiresome role, and it is recommended to take personal breaks every now and then. Taking breaks can help you avoid “caregiver burnout,” which is what happens when you work yourself to over-exhaustion—something that is unfortuantely easy to do as a caregiver. Additionally, going outside can be beneficial to your health.

The benefits of going outside are many. For example, moderate exposure to the sun “leads to the creation and activation of Vitamin D,” which is good for your bones.[1] Going outside can also help relieve stress and help improve your mental health according to some studies.[2] Additionally, going outside can increase your activity levels, if you go for a walk or go on a hiking trail. Thus, you have nothing to lose by spending a little more time outside and you can help your body restore itself from stress and exhaustion.

Consider these tips:

(1) Go swimming: If you live near any bodies of water, then going swimming can be a great idea to help give you exercise, as well as to get a chance to get outside. Also, laying out by the beach or lake is a way to unwind and relax. Bring friends, listen to music, and bring some delicious snacks.

(2) Spend time with animals: Research has shown that spending time with a pet is a way to reduce stress, decrease blood pressure, and may even help you live longer! Some pets love the outdoors, so consider going to a dog park or take your cat on a walk (only if they’re interested in the idea!). If you have a pet, then spend some good quality time with them. If you have a friend that has a pet, maybe you can visit them. Or, consider going to the zoo and make an event out of it. Observing animals can be an interesting and engaging experience.

(3) Take a trip:  The summers are a great time to travel. If you have had a destination in mind, even if it is relatively nearby, plan a weekend trip. Traveling can be a fun and regenerative experience. Note, however, that planning a trip can also be exhausting. So, if you are one of those people who do not like planning, then reconsider this tip!

(4) Throw a party/BBQ: The summers are excellent for outdoor parties, especially cookouts or barbecues. Invite your close friends and enjoy one another’s company. Socializing is very important for maintaining good mental and emotional health.

(5) Entertain yourself: The summer is a time when a lot of high-profile movies and books come out. Also, there are a lot of great events that come into town. Maybe there is something that interests you? Do a quick internet search to see if anything might entertain you, then go and out and do it!

Caregivers deserve time off, so it is important to prioritize your own personal time. If you have any other questions, please call ElderCare at Home at 888-285-0093 or visit our website.

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