TestimonialsMay 20201

Words cannot describe how satisfied we were in using ElderCare at Home over the past five months. I highly recommend this service to anyone needing assistance for a loved one. They offered a professional, dedicated, and honest service that was reasonable in costs and always on top of things. Terry Forgie proved their professional and honest qualities to providing the best service to the elderly at home and my checkbook.  The staff truly cared for my dad and took care of his daily needs without emptying my checkbook.  So reasonable for good quality care in the home.  No gimmicks or games.  Right on to ElderCare at Home, right here in West Palm Beach.  Now dad is in assisted living but occasionally comments how well his aide, and ElderCare at Home helped him.

My very best,
M. Smyser 

June 2020

I just wanted to thank you and everyone at ElderCare at Home for the wonderful service you provided for my parents in these months since Dad was discharged from rehab. It was such a relief to know that you were always right there, reliable, familiar with what we needed and able to help us navigate our way through a complex situation. Our aide has been amazing – incredibly reliable and capable, able to handle anything we threw at him with good humor and patience. I appreciated him bringing things to my attention whenever he saw anything concerning. If our situation changes in the future and we need your services again, I won’t hesitate to come back to ElderCare at Home. Thanks for everything!

L. Fassman

March 2019

To everyone at ElderCare at Home, For the last almost three years we have had aides referred by you 24 hours a day since 2016.  I am so grateful for the compassionate, caring and humane way the men and women have cared for Malcolm.  Especially Richard, Sherries, Frank, Marie, Pedro, and Kathy, all of whom we think of as our friends.
Thank you!

J. Robbins

June 2018

To Whom It May Concern:
ElderCare at Home is the agency that has provided services for my mother since Mach 2017. This letter is being written paying the agency and their Care Coordinators, the highest compliment in terms of the care that has been provided. I would recommend ElderCare at Home to friends and neighbors and anyone that has any home health care needs.  Thank you for the continued care you are giving my mother.

Sandra Traina

March 2018

I am very satisfied with the services of EldeCare at Home.  My husband requested a male aide and ElderCare found two excellent CNA’s who are polite and respectful to my husband and also anticipate his needs. When either of them cannot work, ElderCare at Home refers a substitute.  The staff at ElderCare at Home is friendly, helpful and efficient.  I have and will continue to recommend this agency to anyone who needs this service.

Cheryl Blyn

‘November 2017

When we needed immediate assistance for in-home care for our aunt, I called ElderCare at Home.  Fortunately, Eldercare gave us what we needed, when we needed it.  A wonderful Caregiver was referred to us and was with us for more than 9 months, and we couldn’t ask for more.  My aunt enjoyed her company and she was extremely well-cared for. The staff continually checked-in to see if we had issues or required any further help.  ElderCare at Home was definitely “The Right Choice”.

Mary Stayton

October 2017

ElderCare  at Home and Dawn Epstein, Care Manager with the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center, came into our family care plan when we first became aware that Mom & Dad were displaying the need for assistance. We discussed our concerns  with ElderCare at Home and they helped us become aware of present and future challenges.

Dawn Epstein, from the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center,  became our parent’s “Care Manager.” She became a familiar face for my parents, and helped our family navigate many difficult challenges. We started off with scheduling pill pours. Gradually we placed home health aides in the house to assist with meals, shopping and general care.

As many dementia patients our parents did not recognize that they needed assistance, therefore being very resistant to anyone being in the house. This was a challenging road, but Dawn and Jacki, the Care Coordinator with ElderCare at Home, helped us match our parents with home health aides until we got the right fit.

Dawn was present for special doctors needs, emergency hospital visits, and even supplied prep support for several hurricanes. Dawn and Jacki saw us through many difficult times. They both helped us tweak our care plan over the five years that we used ElderCare at Home’s services. We cannot thank them enough for their patience, support and compassion. We never would have been able to keep our parents in their home over this extended period of time. Both my sister and I live up north. Needless to say although we visited often we were entrusting our parents care in someone else’s hands. We were fortunate those hands were so capable.


Jill Spieler & Ronnie Cooper

October 2017

BiBi was referred to us by ElderCare at Home and has been working for our parents close to 5 years. She entered the picture after our Mom had hip surgery. In addition to that, both Mom and Dad had started to show signs of early dementia. Later Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dad with Vascular Dementia.

Before BiBi we had several other aides, but none were able to overcome the challenges that both our parents presented. As many others like my parents they were not able to recognize their own slow decline. Therefore they were resistant to assistance in their home. They wanted their privacy and BiBi was able to develop a delicate balance over time.

BiBi quickly learned how to prepare their meals just right, shop for their groceries, maintain the house, and do their laundry. Not an easy task with their meticulous desirers. She took them to their doctor’s appointments and helped us carry out changes in their care needs.  And when one of them had to go to the hospital BiBi stayed with them in the emergency room. Beyond her normal scheduled hours, until someone was able to relieve her from her duties. Putting our parents care before her own responsibilities.

BiBi persevered through much rejection by both parents, at various times, over the course of her stay. She clearly was able to put in perspective that it was the dementia, not her capabilities that brought these outbursts on.

BiBi was also able to help us over time to get dad to stop driving, as the need increased. And she helped to significantly curb Dad’s intake of alcohol. Both were very difficult tasks.

Most importantly BiBi gave our parents the gift of staying in their home an additional 5 years of their life. That was their desired wish. As many other families in similar situations it has come time to move our parents closer to us. Care levels have increased as they both continue to decline.

We highly recommend ElderCare at Home and BiBi for their service, dedication, care and love for our parents.


Jill Spieler & Ronnie Cooper

October 2017

Fedna was referred to us by ElderCare at Home and joined our family care plan after Mom & Dad had a series of falls. It was clear they no longer could be home without 24 hr. care. Both Mom & Dad were night people so clearly it was not a simple task being on the evening shift.

Fedna came to work every evening with a bright smile and cheery attitude. She was extremely attentive to both Mom & Dad’s needs and wishes. She was able to maintain a balance of giving them their privacy, but yet be there for all their needs. She rested quietly but attentively when they were finally asleep. She shadowed them during their many toileting trips throughout the night. In addition she was extremely flexible with her schedule. She worked with our day aid, making sure there were no gaps in coverage.

Fedna also was able to persevere, working with Mom and Dad to deflect their rejection of her being there. She clearly understood how to handle someone with dementia, redirecting as often as needed. She was very creative, compassionate and cared for them with the utmost respect. She ultimately was able to develop a warm bond with them.

We are thankful for ElderCare at Home and that Fedna was able to help us extend our parent’s stay in their home for the past 10 months.


Jill Spieler & Ronnie Cooper

September 2017

No one likes the reality that our loved ones come to a point in their lives where they cannot take care of themselves and only heightened when we cannot care for them either.  It was then that we are at our most vulnerable and seek help from others.  I am so grateful that when my sister reached this time in her life, I was put in touch with ElderCare at Home.  From the very first phone call I knew I was surrounded by very knowledgeable people, but more importantly, people with huge hears that truly cared about what was best for my sister.

My sister was given an evaluation that answered a lot of questions for me, as well as helping me determine what care would be best for her.  We were then referred to an angel named Chantel, who became a caregiver for my sister.  Her caring nature was evident from the very beginning.  We could not have been happier or more grateful.

Nothing can change the fact that I am facing the “long good-bye” with my sister. It is comforting though to have professionals with gentle hands and heats to ease this process for me. as well as my sister. Thank you!

Puffy Mitchell

May 2017

Words cannot properly express my gratitude to ElderCare at Home and all of the fabulous caregivers you referred to us.  My first contact was with Lisa who was quite literally at my mother’s home within 30 minutes of my phone call to begin the paperwork. We were able to select a caregiver and start care for her later that same day.  ElderCare was always so very accommodating with any scheduling changes I needed to make. Each and every one of the referred caregivers were not only very skilled, but also so kind, compassionate and gentle with my mother.  Your level of caring on every level is beyond compare, which is so very much appreciated at such a difficult time.  Thank you!

S. Darcy

March 2017

My wife Andrea has been most satisfied with the caregivers referred by ElderCare at Home.  They were cheerful, compassionate and caring.  We recommend ElderCare at Home for it’s caregiver services.
Stanley Rosenstein

June 2016

My parents had been clients of Elder Care At Home for over twelve years and I can’t say enough about the team’s caring attitudes.  From the office staff to the owner and to the aides, the level of compassion and willingness to help is unmatched.

While aging/ailing parents can often create frustrating and difficult situations, the team at Elder Care At Home was always available to offer solutions to our family’s needs. I would highly recommend Elder Care At Home to anyone who finds themselves with home-health care needs.
A. Spiro

March 2016

After our last email, everyone followed up and a solution to the outstanding credit was offered and accepted. Thank you for your involvement. Communication is the key for successful personal and business relationships. My family respects your company’s business practices and appreciates the quality and level of service offered. It is these services that keep a man almost 90 years of age functioning in his home environment and capable of maintaining his quality of life.
Thank you for all your help!
Dr. Jonathan C.

October 2015

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the support provided by ElderCare at Home over the past several weeks.

Your professionalism and attention to detail has been outstanding. I was impressed by how responsive you have been given changing circumstances and short lead times.

The young ladies that you have referred to provide care for my father have been wonderful. They took a caring interest in my dad and have helped our family during this difficult time. I wish you much success in the future! Regards.
Paul C., PMP

September 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ElderCare at Home for assisting my elderly Mother following the death of her husband back on June 16, 2015. I had 24-hour care provided for my Mom since the passing of my Dad in June. Both my Mother, myself and my sisters were very impressed by the quality of care and the empathy that was shown towards my Mother by various independent contractors referred to us through your agency.

In the beginning, Maureen provided the most consistent daycare for my Mom and was fondly appreciated by my Mom. The primary nighttime caregiver was Karen. My Mom was especially fond of Karen and Karen did a terrific job in caring for my Mom.  Another primary daytime person was Martine, who was very helpful in assisting my Mother when she was in need of care during the daytime, and Crystal, who provided very high quality services and care to my Mother during her time of need. I would like to commend all of these individuals who provided care to my Mom under various circumstances, at times very trying for all of us. The responsiveness by Jacki, your referral coordinator, was excellent. We developed a very good working relationship together. Lisa was excellent in her initial visit to my Mom’s condominium and was outstanding in her empathy and discussions with me thereafter. All in all, it was a very positive experience that my family, and especially my Mom, had with the care and services provided by ElderCare at Home. Thank you again, William G.

July 2015

I am writing this testimonial, as a tribute to the amazing team at ElderCare. My Mom has been in need of assistance for the past several months. I, as the adult child, was responsible for researching the right company to fit my mother’s needs. I originally used another company, although I was very happy with the aide that assisted my Mom, the company itself was difficult to work with. I dread making any phone call to person in charge because whatever my question was, the answer was typically, “No we can’t do that.” When it came time to add additional services, I decided to work with ElderCare at Home. WOW what a difference in customer service! I was able to immediately implemented a customized program that fit my Moms needs as well as our financial concerns. ElderCare at Home referred two angels from heaven to us, both of whom we selected. Lisa and Samantha, two amazing women who went above and beyond to make sure my mom’s needs were taken care of. Lisa and Samantha kept me informed of any concerns they had about my mom’s condition so I could address them with her doctor. I would recommend ElderCare at Home’s referral services unconditionally to anyone who truly wants the best care for their loved ones.
Deb C.

June 2015

Leonie was referred to me by ElderCare at Home, and has taken care of my wife for over three years, with the best professional care. She is a warm hearted woman who understands my wife and tends to her needs at all times. I highly recommend her in every way. Sammilia has also taken care of my wife, but for a shorter period of time. She is one of the most gentle, kind hearted and caring person that we have ever had. We thank ElderCare at Home for referring them to us and for all they have done for my wife. Sincerely, Mr. Gideon C.

December 2014

Although all of the people referred by ElderCare at Home were wonderful, one caregiver -Cleo- won a special place in Marianne’s heart and ours as well. Everytime Cleo entered the room in her bigger-than-life way Marianne would smile, with her mouth and eyes, knowing her world would be better while Cleo was there. Marianne’s passing was difficult on us all, but Cleo and the staff at ElderCare at Home made the process much, much easier. Our deepest, heartfelt thanks to you all!
Jack & Victoria B.

November 2014

There are no words to express my gratitude for all that you have done to help my mother and I. I know it’s your job, but it takes a special person to care and go beyond the call of duty. Everyone at ElderCare at Home has treated me with respect and courtesy. I only wish I could thank you enough. I am so glad we switched to ElderCare at Home. Thank you again, for all that you do! I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday.
Michele P.

October 2014

The two people from ElderCare at Home that were referred to Elise both did a very nice job helping her. I got to know them better because I was hovering around Elise and grew very fond of both Maudeline and Everton. I was especially impressed with Everton. He is a very capable individual. I hope when you give out commendations, that you not forget to give him special attention. He is very deserving. Regards,
Tatiana S. – Boynton Beach, FL

September 2014

We are writing to commend Faniel, one of the independent contractors you referred to us. Faniel has been a staple in the home of our parents for several months now. He is irreplaceable. We thank you for referring him. Faniel is a sweet, caring, kind and patience man. He is dedicated to his work in a way unlike other home care aides we have known. We admire his sense of humor and his ability to handle whatever our family throws at him. This past week, our mother was hospitalized. She died early September. Faniel was there for her and for her husband, and for the family. He not only accommodated the gathering masses of family members who came to pay their respects; he welcomed us. He came to her funeral, to her graveside, and to the gathering at their house that followed – not as a caregiver, but off-duty, as a mourner, a member of the family himself. He is a credit to your agency. Please thank him on our behalf.
Debra G.

September 2014

I am writing this to compliment Herlieth, the caregiver you referred to me. There are certain individuals in this world who just make it a better place and Herlieth is definitely one of them. Herlieth has been assisting my Mom with daily care for about two and a half years now and I simply can not say enough wonderful things about her. Herlieth’s caring ways and ready smile are a pleasure to see and she is like that each and every time she sees my Mom. She has gone above and beyond normal bounds to ease my worries and make my mother comfortable with someone helping her do things she would rather do herself, but is not capable of. Thank you for referring people of Herlieth’s caliber. You are to be commended for recommending such fine, caring people. Herlieth, what can I say except you will always be in our hearts and prayers for all the wonderful things you are.
Sincerely, Jean C.

August 2014

Irene was referred to us in January 2014 by ElderCare at HOme when we required an aide to look after and care for our mother, a 99 year old woman who lives in her own apartment in the same condominium building in which we (Elinor and Stan) have an apartment. Our mother, though having her mental faculties, had diminished physical abilities, requiring the aid of a walker to move around, was unable to go to stores to purchase necessities such as foods, medications, and clothes, or go for haircuts, visit doctors, or prepare adequate meals. We decided that moving from her apartment to a nursing home or other such facility would be too much of a shock to her system and “at home” care where we could visit her daily, that given the state of her health and cognitive abilities, and her innate stubbornness, that this would be better for her mental state. Her doctors agreed. We were very fortunate that Irene was the person who was referred by ElderCare at Home. Irene treated her as if our mother was her own mother – with tenderness, respectfulness, and with right amount of discipline to assure that our mother did the right things – ex: eat meals which Irene prepared, dress properly, get enough rest during the day, get exercise, get to the stores, doctors and etc. We highly recommend Irene as a caregiver and would be glad to personally confirm this to any one seeking to hire her. Her personality, attention to detail and concern for the person in her charge helps relieve the anguish and concern of the family members of the individual who requires such care.
Susan K. and Nina R. – daughters of Frances G.

August 2014

This is to formally thank you and everyone else who helped care for our mom, Bunny, at home. Lisa, you worked wonders getting her out of rehab and back home in an exceptionally short period of time, and arranging for a birthday celebration which Mom truly enjoyed. Kimberly, thank you for referring to us the perfect combination of aides to help out. Mom especially loved Gilda, whose care and cooking brought some quality of life to her towards the end. Cindy, thank you for keeping us informed. Bunny passed away on 8/4, at Hospice by the Sea. Once she was at their facility, she was also given excellent care.
With extreme gratitude,
Lori W., Scott L., Andy L.

July 2014

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about a wonderful caregiver and a truly beautiful person, Collester Hanchard, who we lovingly know as Maria. Maria was referred to us by ElderCare at Home and has been taking care of my Mom, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, for nearly three years now. Watching my Mom’s once vibrant and busy life change over the years has been a difficult sight to see, but thanks to the love and phenomenal care that Maria provides her, my siblings and I can attend to our own busy lives and families knowing that Mom is receiving excellent loving care.  Nothing is ever too much for Maria. She lovingly bathes and dresses Mom every day, her hair is always done, she always looks beautiful. This has always been important to Mom.  Maria is able to make Mom laugh, and understands her every need, even though she is not able to communicate it well.  Mom is always treated with dignity and compassion, and Maria is always there not just to support Mom, but to support our entire family as well.  If I had to describe Maria in one word, it would be AWESOME! My siblings and I are so blessed to have Maria in our lives, she is truly Mom’s guardian angel and we are so thankful for every day that she is there for Mom.
Sindi P.J.

June 2014

For nearly 4 years Juanita has been caring for my aunt, and over that time she continues to amaze our family with her dedication and commitment to Arlene as if she were a member of her own family. Because none of Arlene’s family lives nearby and most are out of state, we rely on Juanita’s good judgment, up-beat attitude, and careful attention to detail to provide Arlene with excellent care.  We have not been disappointed. Some of her responsibilities include housekeeping chores, preparing nutritious meals, scheduling medical/dental appointments, transporting her to these appointments, and carefully dispensing medications at home. Additionally, Juanita shops for food and medical supplies plus any other necessity that needs attention in Arlene’s home.   She coordinates service calls and pays the appropriate vendor after discussing any proposed expenditure with me. Juanita is very responsible about spending other people’s money. When she has to make a purchase she tries to find the best price, discusses it with me, and then we make certain the funds are available. Since Arlene has 24/7 care, perhaps Juanita’s biggest challenge is monitoring the night and weekend aides so that the high standards she has set are met while she is not there.  If any questions or concerns arise, Juanita is always available by phone, and, depending on the nature of the concern, she has gone to Arlene’s home to assess and handle the issues.  Right now the night and weekend team of independent caregivers referred by ElderCare at Home, including Gidith, Isabelle, and Nadine is excellent. As Arlene’s illness progresses and her ability to function becomes more difficult, Juanita always seems to know what to say or do to calm her agitation—a measure of her loving care and understanding of the client’s needs. Our family’s trust and confidence in Juanita has been reinforced many times over the past several years, giving us the peace of mind to know that our aunt is well cared for in a very difficult situation. As I have said so many times, without the high level of care provided by Juanita and her team we would never be able to keep Arlene in her home, as she had requested.  We are very grateful for the love and devotion shown to Arlene, and Juanita’s willingness to perform her services efficiently and without complaint.
With deepest thanks,
Caris A. Carr

May 2014

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the wonderful people referred by ElderCare at Home, specifically Cleo and Cordeth, who have helped us with my mother-in-law, Marianne
Cleo, who attends to Marianne in the afternoons and early evenings, is simply wonderful. She is a true delight, and her energy and happy demeanor warms our home. Cleo, like Cordeth, is excellent in communicating her observations to us regarding Marianne.
We are very happy with both Cleo and Cordeth, and we are grateful for the wonderful recommendations and referrals ElderCare has provided. We would gladly offer to be a reference for your organization, should the need arise.
With warm gratitude,
Jack (and Vicki) Boswell

March 2014

Just a note to thank the staff at ElderCare at Home for the excellent care and service I received for my wife.  The aide you referred to us was both efficient and understanding of my wife’s condition. I certainly would recommend your company to anyone in need of quality, home care referral services. Thanks again,
J. Rosenthal

February 2014

My parents received excellent care for several years from caregivers referred to us by ElderCare at Home. Especially Maude, who was beloved by both of my parents. Many thanks for the very kind, humane and beyond the call of duty care they both had.

January 2014

Thank you so very much for the wonderful and outstanding caregivers you referred to me.

December 2013

When I was considering home care for my wife I didn’t know what to expect. I had concern that by having a stranger in my house I would lose all my privacy. How was this going to affect my daily routines or in general how was it going to disturb my life? More importantly though was my concern about the care and attention that my wife was going to get. When facing this decision I talked to my daughter-in-law, who is a professional therapist, and asked who I should contact, and what should I expect. After she did a little research and talked to her peers she recommended ElderCare to me. I called and then met with a senior representative of the company. They came to my house to review any physical arrangement that would need to be made to accommodate my wife who is bound to a wheelchair and suffers from some dementia. They then interviewed my wife so that they could match and refer caregivers who are best suited for my wife’s needs. As a result they recommended Suzette. Suzette has proven to be an excellent choice. She has fit in to our daily life very well, and has in effect become an equal part of our household. Her first priority, naturally, is to take care of my wife. In addition to this, she is also there to help make sure that everything in the  house is in order. Her main contribution is in the improvement that my wife has made in both her physical and mental condition. I feel very comfortable when I have to leave the house during the day or night because I know that Suzette has everything in control. So because of ElderCare at Home’s recommendation, and Suzette’s competence, my wife is receiving all the care and attention she needs, and I have not lost my privacy nor have I had to change my outside interests. I have just added a new member to my household… Clarence Borgmeyer

November 2013

I am writing this as testimony to the wonderful work done by your staff. The ElderCare staff, most especially Jacki, (who is amazing) have been so helpful and caring.  The aide that was referred to me by ElderCare to assist my Mom is named Herlieth and she is beyond a shadow of a doubt absolutely wonderful. She is a blessing and I do not know what we would do without her! Also, Kortney is just so nice to my Mom, she brings her a small bouquet of fresh flowers and I can not tell you what that means to my mother. Thank you also to Jacki for helping me navigate the arduous paperwork from insurance companies and such. Your help is very much appreciated. Congratulations to the owners of ElderCare at Home, you have done an excellent job in recruiting and keeping good talent. Sincerely, Jean Clancy

October 2013

I am writing to compliment Jacki, Lisa and most especially our referred caregiver, Herlieth, my mother aide. It is great comfort to me to know that Herlieth is taking such wonderful care my Mom. She is responsible, nurturing and a very good companion. My mother, Jean, has mentioned many times how much she likes Herlieth. Regarding Jacki, Lisa and everyone at the ElderCare at Home office, it is a pleasure to interact with them. The follow up calls and concern that they exhibit to both my mom and I are greatly appreciated. Thank you for making this situation much easier. Jean Clancy

 June 2013

After much research and emotional strain to do the right thing for mom, I feel absolutely blessed to have connected with ElderCare at Home. After three agencies and six caregivers, ElderCare has proven to be the most qualified and sensitive to the daily demands of our circumstance. Mom is 92 this year and is legally blind with macular degeneration and has early stage Alzheimer’s disease. Admittedly I have been in denial for quite some time and put off care thinking I could handle on my own. Needless to say, crazy! From the first phone call to ElderCare, a staff executive was at our home the same day to access the environment, and listen to our needs and concerns. They were able to refer independent contractors to us who were able to implement care within a matter of days and they recommended caregivers with authentic concern and patience to address both mom and my concerns directly. The ElderCare team has been a tremendous support with their knowledge and experience of Alzheimer’s disease and guiding me with tools to understand and accept the challenges I’m facing now to be prepared for the future. Our caregiver is absolutely a blessing! She has a personable, caring personality but is passionate about what she does as well. I am impressed with the kindness and willingness to do the extra little things that make such a big difference. Mom’s caregiver is sensitive to physical, emotional and spiritual concerns for mom and they have established a beautiful bond in a short period of time. The office staff has been more than supportive by answering any questions I have had. Life has already changed for both mom and I. Mom has more quality time and life style and I have a peace of mind she is not alone all day while I work. God has a wonderful way of placing the right people in the right place when you need them the most! We are very appreciative every day! Thank you. Tonja

May 2013

I can’t thank you enough for being there for my mother ever since I made that first panicked phone call to ElderCare at Home. Everyone has been top notch in addressing my concerns, working with me and referring the best possible caregivers for my mother in Florida. You’ve made this very difficult situation a little bit easier… L. Pedone

 April 2013

It is approximately 6-7 months now that your registry has been referring caregivers to provide in home care for my elderly parents. It may have taken some trail and effort and a lot of frustration to find just the right fit for them, but you didn’t give up and you succeeded. I am happy to say that the quality of people you have referred have been wonderful. They assist my father in daily care and relieve my mother so that she can have peace of mind and continue a relatively full life independent of him. It’s also been a welcome relief for me since I am so far away. I am grateful for the time you and your administrative staff have taken to understand my parent’s needs and matching and recommending the right aides for the job. I only hope the aides continue to be happy working for them as well. E. Levy

March 2013

I hope all is well with you. After speaking with Lisa, she suggested I let you know how much we appreciate Marie Colimon and the great care she provides for Cindy. I’ve interviewed quite a few caregivers over the past few years and Marie is definitely one of the best. She is very patient, kind and thoughtful and my mom really likes her. She is one of the very few who can handle Cindy on her more challenging days. Because of her aphasia, it’s sometimes impossible for my mom to let anyone know her needs. Marie has been great with her from the beginning. It’s such a relief to have her here with my mom and to know she is well cared for and happy. With so many other caregivers, when I get back from my few hours away, they usually tell me they couldn’t get her to the bathroom, or she wouldn’t eat, or I find Cindy is really unhappy and uncomfortable with them. So, thank you for referring  such a gem to take care of my mom. My bothers and I really appreciate it. A. Kennedy

February 2013

I’ve been here in Florida for the past week going home today and happy to say that my parents really seem to be doing better under Sonny and Lorina’s care. They are definitely calmer and my father is cleaner with fewer “issues”. I’m impressed with Sonny, Lorina and even Barbara who was helping out this weekend. In fact I gave your contact information to a friend who needs weekend help for her parents! E. Levy

  December 2012

Thank you for your great service these past few years. Mr. Barton passed away December 6, 2012 and our aide Sonny, who was referred by ElderCare at Homes, was with him to the end. I cannot praise Sonny enough for his wonderful service to my husband.

Marilyn Barton

November 2012

I want to let you know what an asset Nicole is to ElderCare at Home’s reputation. She was very kind and professional. I feel she went above and beyond her what I asked her to do.  Nicole would be a wonderful role model. I miss her greatly and would love to have her back! L. Gleason

September 2012

This is in regard to my caregiver Marie Colimon. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with good health, make the most of it. Don’t wait to visit with your loved ones until you get a call that you have to. Go at the good times, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings or just because. Sickness comes very unexpectedly and when it does no one is ready. We were fortunate because we did take out long term care insurance. We were young and healthy at the time and our friends thought we were insane. Just like all insurance, home, automobile, medical, dental, we hope never to have to use it. Well, we did and still do need it. We learned about ElderCare at Home from our attorney and when I became ill, my fantastic husband immediately asked for help. He met with your staff and  then he interviewed and hired and aide while I was still in the hospital. When I finally came home Marie was there and we are one big family unit. She has never made me feel as though I am a burden. She is helpful and compassionate. She is there to help me from showering and dressing to preparing meals which she has even done in her own home, on her own time, if she is making something special for her own family. She went with me for my physical therapy appointments. She will do anything; go anywhere if I should ask. Thank you ElderCare at Home for referring Marie to us. She continues to graciously help me regain my dignity. Madeline Goldstein

September 2012

I have nothing but praise for Marie. She is more than an Aide, she is a companion, helpful and caring. I will miss her when I am forced to give her friendship up due to lack of insurance. Kay Felder

September 2012

It is a pleasure that I offer this testimonial to Sharon and ElderCare at Home. Sharon is an outstanding person, kind, considerate, attentive and loving. My wife loves her. Jean and I feel blessed to know her and have come to think of her as part of our family. Sharon goes above and beyond in all that she does for Jean and I, and seems to be so tuned into our situation, that she usually anticipates our needs before we ask.  Sharon does all things with good and loving spirit, never cross or angry, always pleasant. She helps us with cooking, cleaning and above all with care for my wife. We chose ElderCare at Home  to match us with a caregiver due to a friend recommending their services. Though we have only hired Sharon, if she is typical of the other caregivers that ElderCare at Home refers to their clients, then I compliment your organization. Warm regards, Bob Paganucci

September 2012

I’m happy to tell you how much I’ve appreciated my good fortune to have Fidencia in my home to help me. She I caring, she is very competent and she is reliable. Any potential client would be very pleased to have her as a caregiver. Sincerely, Miriam Siegel

September 2012

I decided to work with ElderCare at Home because I have used them them several years ago after an operation. I was satisfied with the people they referred to me. I have Spinal Stenosis and need help. I can not drive now and the young lady you matched me with can take me for treatments and doctor appointments. She also makes me lunch and some times dinner. I am very pleased with Barbara. She is intelligent, competent and she is not a talkative big mouth like some of the people my friends have. Thank you for referring such a good efficient helper.
Sincerely, Miriam Ungar

August 2012

ElderCare has been providing 24/7 care for Mrs. Glatz for four full years. During that time, Mrs. Glatz has continued to suffer from Huntington’s disease, an incurable ailment that is very difficult for care givers. Mrs. Howard and I want to thank your company for referring the excellent and professional caregivers who have made Mrs. Glatz’s life bearable. Her husband’s wishes as well as her wishes were to have her be in the comfort of her own home as this disease continues towards its final end. Without your wonderful match-making service it is doubtful that Mrs. Glatz would have her wishes fulfilled. Mrs. Howard and I also want to pay special praise to Charline Crossbourn who has cared for Mrs. Glatz over these years and who has made with stoic determination the commendable care that we were expecting and received. We are exceedingly pleased with all that she has performed for Mrs. Glatz under very trying conditions. She is truly a saint. Again thank you very much, Ron Howard, POA

August 2012

Rosemarie is a very caring lovely lady with experience on how to deal with a person, such as my husband with dementia. I am so grateful to have the pleasure of her kindness in how she treats my husband. Not everyone that I know is as lucky as I am to have a wonderful person like Rosemarie. My children have met her and agree with me, they too feel very comfortable knowing that their dad is well taken care of. She is a special lady and I am sure that ElderCare at Home knows it. Barbara ________________________________________________________________________________

August 2012

This is written in praise of Barbara who is very kind,  super person who is perfect for the job she does. She works very well with my husband and knows his every need and makes life so much more comfortable for him and manageable for me, his wife. We appreciate her soft way about her and look forward to her being with us always. Ruby Metzler ________________________________________________________________________________

July 2012

As an elderly man in his late 70s, my Dad, Stanley has been living alone in the West Palm Beach area for about 20 years. In the summer of 2011 with the distance between him and my two siblings and I getting greater by the year, my Dad’s physical and mental health began to deteriorate rapidly.If it were not for the kindness of his neighbors, Dad’s condition would have gone unrecognized. On one day in July of 2011, Dad called and told us that he passed out in the Home Depot parking lot twice and then drove himself home. Without any explanation for what may have caused this, we quickly brought him back to Boston.The man that arrived was not what we had expected. He was skinny, frail, and confused by simple conversation. Within a few days of feeding him and simply spending time with him, it became obvious that he wasn’t taking care of himself the way he needs to. With no family around him, our only option was to give him instructions on what he needs to do better and send him south and hope for the best. From what we observed, we concluded that his issues were due to lack of eating well, managing his meds correctly and excessive alcohol. Once he arrived back in Florida, we were in contact with Dad’s neighbors to monitor his condition. Sadly, things did not improve. Reports of him falling down, being drunk and generally not caring for himself were becoming the norm. Obviously, this was not the progress we had hoped for.In November, I received a call from a neighbor where he instructed, if not demanded me to get on a plane and visit my father immediately. Don’t call, don’t send an email, just get here fast, were his instructions and so I did at 6AM the next day. Because Dad had stopped paying any bills, his phone had been shut off so there was no way of him knowing I was on my way.When I arrived, he was a mess. He had a black eye that he couldn’t explain how he got and he barely had the strength to walk across the room to open the door. It didn’t take long to realize that living alone wasn’t going to be an option for much longer. Unfortunately better and affordable options are hard to come by. By the end of my week with my dad, I was able to get him caught up on his bills and get myself a better understanding of his condition.. With no immediate good options, I could only return home with a sad and frustrated understanding that something had to be done. Within a few weeks, his condition worsened and one of his caring and wonderful neighbors did what my family and I hadn’t thought of. She contacted Elder Care at Home, who referred a number of caregivers  to meet.  She selected Grace as his caregiver and her effect was immediate and amazing. Grace had him eating, walking, back on track with his meds, visiting doctors and most importantly, NOT drinking. Even the phone calls with Dad had improved. He was able to have a conversation where previously they were scattered and cryptic. Grace clearly embraces her responsibility and enjoys the people she helps. I have a hard time believing anyone could do what she did without a true heart-felt sense of love of helping people. Within a month or two of receiving steady care, the doctors diagnosed Dad with Alzheimer’s and despite anyone’s effort, his condition continued to erode. I received another call from a neighbor one night where he explained that my dad’s car was missing so he called Dad’s cell. Dad answered, but he was lost and confused. We called the police and they issued the elderly version of the Amber Alert (Silver Alert) with him as a missing person. The police found him at 2:30AM sitting in his car in a parking lot only two miles from the house he has been living in for years. This was the last sign we needed.Even though our intention was to find an assisted living facility for him closer to home, the process to get him accepted was going to take a lot longer than would have been safe for him. Grace sold his car, forwarded his mail to my house, cleaned out his house and put him on a flight to Boston. The man that got off the plane in Boston was not what I had expected. I expected him to be in a wheelchair and less than lucid. I was shocked to see him well dressed and walking on his own through the airport and thrilled to see his grandchildren. He was looking far healthier than when I last saw him. Grace had done amazing things with a man that I would have believed unable to rebound from his earlier condition. Today it’s been about three months since he moved in with us in Boston and he continues to be physically and mentally content.He is enjoying being around his family and especially his grandchildren and our dog (maybe even more so the dog than the kids some days).  He’s even keeping busy with light yard work and painting projects and if you knew my Dad, you’d understand that this is the person he truly is. As long as he’s keeping busy and helping out, he’s happy.  Of course his health is what it is. We can’t expect things to get much better than it is today, but thanks to ElderCare at Home and some amazingly caring people in Florida, friends, neighbors and of course Grace, Dad now has a chance of enjoying many more years close to his family. It’s hard to express the level of appreciation our family has for the folks that have helped Dad, but we hope it’s known that our appreciation is immeasurable. The Dudek family offers our most sincere gratitude and thanks to your team and Dad’s friends. ________________________________________________________________________________

June 2012

It has been about four months since Juanita began caring for my aunt. I just wanted to say that we are very pleased with the services Juanita has provided. Not only has she carried out routine responsibilities extremely well, she has also gone above and beyond expectations on several occasions. Of particular importance to family members is Juanita’s initiative in alerting us about negative situations that can be avoided. And her willingness to speak with me, any time I have a question or concern, is greatly appreciated. Juanita keeps a personal notebook where she carefully records any side effects my aunt may experience due to the medication she is taking so she can explain them more clearly to doctor. When my aunt’s washing machine failed beyond repair, Juanita helped her shop for a new one and coordinated the arrangements to have the new machine installed. Overall, I would say that Juanita is a very caring person who always puts her clients first. She takes her responsibilities very seriously and performs her duties accordingly. She has built a relationship of trust and respect with my aunt so, in result, she believes Juanita is her friend. The other day my aunt told me, For the first time, in a long time, I feel as if I have some control over my life again? Thank you for referring the right caregiver to help care for my aunt. We are grateful for the peace of mind Juanita brings to the whole family.

June 2012

We have had the wonderful privilege of meeting and working with Petanee this past month.  Petanee came into our lives when our Dad was very ill and needed in-home care. From the moment she started taking care for our Dad, we knew that it was a wonderful match. Petanee has been extremely attentive, caring and loving to our Dad, very kind, soft and eager to make our Dad feel comfortable and well taken care of.  She has a beautiful disposition and a spirit about her that makes our family know that Dad is getting the best of care.  We can’t thank Elder Care enough for all they have done for our father and, especially, Petanee who has never wavered in her care for our Dad. Dad too is extremely complimentary of Petanee and, as a family, it gives us all peace of mind and comfort that he is in such caring and wonderful hands. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. George Monusky & Family

June 2012

Please know that ElderCare at Home referred excellent caregivers to us who provided care to my father and mother, Mannie and Phyllis Rappaport, for more than 40 hours per week for over six years. Among all of the many things the independent caregivers did for my parents, my family and I were most impressed with the following: (1) Driving them to all of their different doctors’ appointments; (2) making sure they took all of their medications on time and correctly; (3) preparing all of their daily meals including the special dietary needs of my father; and (4) most of all, overseeing their personal health and hygiene while acting almost like another family member with mutual love and respect. Indeed, we cannot place a monetary value on the last item.  My parents continued to enjoy their lives in their Florida home and this gave me and my family peace or mind knowing that were being well cared for. My family and I greatly appreciate the professional referral services of  ElderCare at Home. We could not have asked for better quality caregivers.
Regards. Gary D. Rappaport

August 2011

Dear Elayne and ElderCare at Home, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful caregivers you referred to my father and mother during the past year. I can’t speak highly enough of your dedication, expertise, responsiveness and compassion in dealing with our family. At every hurdle, every medical emergency, every bump in the road, you were there doing what you do best. If Angels are on Earth, Maria R. undoubtedly has her wings. She took excellent care of both my parents in their time of need and always went the extra mile to make sure they were comfortable and had their needs met. She did this with compassion and love and my parents felt immediately at ease with her and thought of her as more family than employee. I will ways be grateful to you for helping our family when we couldn’t be there and offering respite even when we were. As a health care professional who is well aware off all the difficulties inherent in our field, I would wholeheartedly recommend your referral services to anyone who is looking for compassionate, gentle and expert care. Sincerely, Debbie MCkinney, MD

June 2, 2011

Dear ElderCare At Home, My father Charles received 24-hour home health care by two aides referred to us by ElderCare at Home, for a period of approximately 3 months. The two aides who stayed with my father, Marie and Juanita, were absolutely fantastic. Both Marie and Juanita were gentle, kind, and caring when tending to my fathers needs. ElderCare at Home’s referral services and the caregivers we chose, afforded me tremendous peace of mind in knowing my father was safe and well taken care of. I would highly recommend ElderCare at Home, and these two women specifically, should another family have a need for home health care for their loved one.
Beth Krivda

May 2011

Dear ElderCare At Home Team- Years ago, families lived in close clusters–watching and tending each other. Now we are far flung. We depend on short phone calls to stay in touch. Suddenly you realize that the short phone calls are not telling you the whole story. You are 3000 miles from the one you love and all is not right. ElderCare at Home compassionately, professionally, competently fills the gap for those of us who are so far away. We are grateful for the comfort, education and understanding that your team showed us, the remote and far flung family members, with all our misconceptions, fears, worries and guilt. One of the caregivers referred to us, Jennifer, CNA, became a family member for my mother. She went above and beyond to give a real quality of life to my Mom during a difficult transition; she literally made sure that, living in her moment, my Mom could stop and smell the flowers. As people live longer, more of us will experience the harrowing experience of trying to cope with a loved one with dementia living far away. To other families now facing the crisis we faced, we send our heartfelt sympathy. Do not feel you are alone without resources. We highly recommend with gratitude  Elder Care at Home.
Mike and Jane Varon, Palos Verdes, CA

April 2011

We have been using ElderCare’s  referral  and match-making services for a few years. I have found them professional, responsive & capable. In many instances they went beyond the “call of duty” to care for refer caregivers for my 84 year mother. I should also mention that my mother’s care is very difficult because of my mom’s personality and ElderCare’s referred caregivers have been able to rise to the occasion.
A. Shurr

 March 2011

To Whom It May Concern: This letter is to express the appreciation of the Baumgarten Family for the outstanding services provided by ElderCare at Home & the ElderCare Resource Center for our mother Annis Baumgarden. Our mother has been a client of ElderCare’s since January, 2002, due to a stroke following open heart surgery. The requirement for full-time care is ongoing and the dedication of your team, to see that we are referred to high quality aides has been above and beyond the diligence normally seen in the workplace today. What ever we have ask of your Care Coordinators, have been supplied with great attention to detail and wonderful follow-up, to be sure, as well. ElderCare’s interaction with the Baumgarten family, which includes our father, and three siblings, has always been caring and professional. We are all very pro-active in Annis’s care, and at no time have the Care Coordinators made us feel as though we were being a nuisance; in fact just the opposite is true. We are made to feel that our involvement is appreciated. The aides that have been referred to us by ElderCare at Home have been well matched for the assistance required and the personalities needed to mesh with our family. I have needed to speak with your finance department on occasion for some explanation on financial issues and have always found your staff to be helpful and professional. Once again, they have met the need of whatever I have requested of them. We are writing this letter as a letter of recommendation for ElderCare at Home and it’s staff, as a tribute to their work ethic and professionalism.
Merlyn B. Johnson, daughter For the Baumgarten Family

March 2011

Elayne, We have not formally met but we were both sitting at the same table for the Literacy luncheon. It so happens that my father came home from a nursing home the previous Monday and I had arranged home care for him through an agency recommended by the case worker at the nursing facility. My Mom had just told me some disconcerting service issues right before I walked into the lunch. I knew I would have to change services and then you sat down and I saw your name badge. Upon returning from lunch, I looked you up in the directory and immediately called your company. First and foremost, your staff was so amazing, competent and professional. The level of comfort and confidence I had in your organization was immediate. Thank you for running such a wonderful business and for giving my brother and I the peace of mind we needed with respect to our father’s home care.
With Warm Regards and Sincere Appreciation,
Shari – West Palm Beach





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