The Importance of Private Nursing Care at Home in Broward County, Florida

the-importance-of-private-home-care-in-broward-county-floridaJust the thought of private nursing care at home in Broward County, Florida, brings a look of concern to the faces of family members needing that care for a loved one. The cost and type of care is an unknown factor. There is help available for understanding what is involved. Contacting ElderCare at Home, a licensed nurse registry, puts the caregiver in touch with the Geriatric Care Manager.

A meeting is scheduled with the patient and family at a convenient location, including the home. Reviewing the diagnosis and doctor’s instructions and recommendations is an easy task for the ElderCare at Home representative. Discussing what the family wants is more difficult. Recommending a primary caregiver and distributing tasks to each person can involve reading to the loved one each day or contributing money to offset costs.

The help of family and friends makes private nursing care at home in Broward County, Florida more affordable because there is less formal care needed. The loved one has the benefit of quality medical care while the family learns techniques to make their tasks easier. Family life is taken into consideration when the care manager reviews available staff. The result is referring a caregiver that meets individualized needs.

Not every task these licensed professionals are able to perform is needed. Assistance with ambulation is a frequent request, as is providing transportation and accompanying the loved one to doctor’s appointments. Explaining the doctor’s findings and special instructions to the caregiver makes the information easier to understand. Even preparing a nutritious hot meal for the patient gives the caretaker a break from that task.

Are there some parts of your loved one’s care that require extra assistance? Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss private nursing care at home in Broward County, Florida. ElderCare at Home personnel can be part of your team when you call 561-585-0400.


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