Tuesday Tips for Caregivers ~Time Management Tips for Busy Caregivers

Tuesday Tips for Caregivers ~Time Management Tips for Busy Caregivers

Time Management Tips for Busy Caregivers

As the holiday season approaches, you probably realize just how busy things are starting to feel. If you are a family caregiver, you may be wondering how you may be able to manage your time so you can accomplish most, if not all, of your responsibilities. In today’s blog, we want to go over some good habits to consider if you want to be better at time management. Time management is essentially the practice of prioritizing responsibilities, assigning each task to a specific set of time, and efficiently accomplishing each task. It also entails that you pay attention to each task during the assigned time and hopefully avoid distraction.

We all need help with this. This is especially the case now because we live in a time where so many distractions exist, social media, smart phones, televisions, internet, and so on. So, consider these steps as you move forward as a family caregiver.

How to Manage Time

(1) Do not forget about yourself: This may seem like it is coming from left field, but think: Do you ever schedule time for yourself? Taking care of yourself will help you maintain happiness levels, emotional and mental stability, and helps avoid “caregiver burnout.” Burning out means becoming too exhausted to accomplish anything—nobody wants that!

(2) Make lists: The thing about having a lot to do is that it is hard to keep track of it in your mind after a while. Do not rely on your memory when you are busy! This is a recipe for disaster as you may likely forget, which happens for most people. Make a habit of keeping a daily calendar or agenda. Write down everything you want accomplished that day and cross things off as they get done.

(3) Plan: This is harder than it sounds. Planning involves thinking ahead, taking others perspectives into account, and anticipating alternate scenarios. Planning ahead takes time and careful thinking. But, it is very important to do if you want to accomplish tasks efficiently and successfully.

(4) Organize: One of the enemies of time management is disorganization. Disorganization can take the form of a messy desk, a cluttered house, a scattered agenda, or any other thing that might take up unnecessary energy. Try to get everything you need to in order so your mind is not wasting energy on thinking about unnecessary problems.

(5) Set expectations and define responsibilities: One of the ways to ensure you finish tasks efficiently is that you know exactly what to expect and you know exactly what you have to do. Do not get bogged down doing jobs for other people if they are capable of doing it themselves. Defining roles and responsibilities can be a great way to streamline tasks.

Be in control of your time! If you have any other questions, please call ElderCare at Home at 888-285-0093 or visit our website.

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