Tuesday Tips ~ Creating a Safe Environment for Your Loved One

Tuesday Tips ~ Creating a Safe Environment for Your Loved One

Creating a Safe Environment for Your Loved One

If you are caring for someone living with a degenerative neurological disorder, then it is imperative the importance of a safe and comfortable environment for your loved one. When we say “environment,” we mean their living environment and their immediate surroundings. As degenerative neurological disorders progress, it changes the way people living with them experience the world. So, once familiar surroundings can become unfamiliar and scary. Also, as we age, our bodies are less agile and flexible to maneuver around our environment, so modifying your loved one’s surroundings can ensure they do not hurt themselves. In today’s blog, we will go over various ways you can create a safe environment for your loved one, as well as share helpful resources to peruse for more information.

(1) Contact local resources: In order to know the best kinds of decisions you need to make, it is helpful to have expert opinions on your situation. Some resources to consider are your local Area Agency on Aging, Alzheimer’s Association, or places like ElderCare at Home. You will be able to guarantee the changes you make to your loved one’s environment will be effective and appropriate.

(2) Use Good Lighting: There are several reasons to use good lighting. The first is to help your loved one see better when it gets darker. Often, darker rooms can lead to tripping or stumbling over unseen objects. The other reason is to decrease the prevalence of large shadows. People living with a degenerative neurological disorder may perceive shadows differently than before, sometimes being frightened or startled by them.

(3) Clean Up Clutter: Like using better lighting, cleaning up clutter in hallways or walking paths can help prevent falls. For example, if you or another family member have the habit of leaving shoes in a hallway, put the shoes in a closet so the walking path is clear. You do not want your loved one tripping and falling on something that could have been easily put away.

(4) Slip-proof Bathrooms: Bathrooms can be very dangerous places, especially for aging individuals. This is because bathrooms are generally made of tile floors where water can accumulate, creating a slippery surface. Buy carpets and slip-proof mats to avoid nasty falls.

(5) Store Away Dangerous Products: As diseases like Alzheimer’s progresses, sometimes people’s judgments may be altered. It is safest to make sure that the potential for confusing certain chemical products for something else is reduced. Designate an area used to store chemical products, like bleach, cleaners, wiper fluids, etc. and keep them in a difficult-to-access place. For example, you can store these products in your garage or in an attic that would not be frequented otherwise.

For more advice or if you have any questions, feel free to call ElderCare at Home at 888-285-0093 or visit our website by clicking this link.

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