Tuesday Tips for Caregivers ~ 5 Stimulating Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients

Tuesday Tips for Caregivers ~ 5 Stimulating Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients

If your care receiver has Alzheimer’s disease or other type of neurocognitive disorder, it can be tough to keep them cognitively stimulated. Here are some fun, cognitively stimulating activities that the Alzheimer’s patient and the entire family can enjoy:

  1. Exercise – Slowly raising the arms a few times, bending at the knees, bending from side to side a few times is all that is needed and it’s good for circulation for the Alzheimer’s patient and yourself.
  2. Puzzles – Depending on how advanced the disease is, a puzzle is a great source of distraction and a good activity for the mind. 100 pieces is a good size and make sure they have a lot of colors.
  3. Color Sensory Bags – To make these really cool sensory bags, all you need is some hair gel, baggies, and food color. You can purchase the hair gel from the Dollar Store and use food color that comes in tubes to make the bright colors. Fill each Ziploc baggie with about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of hair gel and add some food color to get the bright colors. After adding the gel and food color to the baggies, use clear packaging tape to seal the tops of the baggies. Let your loved one smoosh around the cool hair gel and watch the colors change within the bag. Don’t be surprised if the whole family will want to join in on this neat activity. You can view the directions here.  
  4. Karaoke – music therapy has many benefits for the Alzheimer’s patient. It may help by soothing an agitated person, sparking up memories, engaging the mind in even late stages of dementia, and it can even improve eating.  Play music from your loved ones generation and dance and sing along with them!
  5. Movie Theater – dim the lights and set up a movie theater  Play a movie that your loved one enjoys and offer healthy snacks. The movie will also help drown out any rain storm noises that your loved one may be scared by.

With the help of these activities you can stay active within the home and keep your loved one occupied while the rain storms pass.  These activities also provide many benefits for the Alzheimer’s patient including:

  • Positive changes in mood, relaxation, peace and comfort
  • Anxiety and stress reduction
  • Social interaction with caregivers and family members
  • Memory recall, reminiscence and satisfaction with life

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