Tuesday Tips for Caregivers – Caring and Caregiving

Tuesday Tips for Caregivers – Caring and Caregiving

Tuesday Tips for Caregivers – Caring and Caregiving

Hello and welcome. There are a million ways to express your love to another person. On Valentine’s Day we usually choose to show love through gift giving like sending flowers or giving someone a box of chocolate. Surely, your spouse or sweet-heart will appreciate your thoughtful gifts, but what about the person you care for? In addition to a card and candy, consider some other ways to show your senior loved one how much you care.

Here are some ideas to show you care, while caregiving:

FaceTime: We’re all busy. With demanding work and family responsibilities it’s tough to find time to spend as much time as we would like with our aging loved-ones. Any effort you make to increase your visits, whether in person or on the phone, will be much appreciated. An extra visit once-in-a-while will show how much you care.

The Voice of Love: Your tone of voice communicates more than the words you speak. Even folks with advanced dementia can sense the difference between a loving tone of voice and one filled with frustration or anger. Next time you talk to your elderly loved-one, take one second to check your tone. “Shake off” the stress of the commute or your frustration with the cable company before you start to speak.

A Touching Experience: Our need for nurturing increases as we age. Unfortunately, many elders experience sensory deprivation. A gentle and reassuring touch can be just what the doctor ordered for your aging loved-one. Touch can decrease pain, lower blood pressure, enhance their feeling of well-being and can even promote sleep. (Pets can provide the same “touch therapy” for their elderly owners.) “Reach out and touch someone you love.”

Respite for Family-Caregivers: Many adult-children who provide ongoing care for their parents report that the “parent-child” relationship deteriorates as caregiving duties eclipse the relationship. It’s important for family-caregivers to take a break once in a while. It’s ok to hire a professional caregiver from time to time to give you a break, so you can return to caregiving duties refreshed…and recapture some of the “parent-child” relationship you’ve been missing.

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