Tuesday Tips for Caregivers ~ Family Caregiving and Entertainment

Tuesday Tips for Caregivers ~ Family Caregiving and Entertainment

Family Caregiving and Entertainment

Caring for an aging loved one can often feel like a constant stream of responsibilities upon responsibilities. Every now and then, you get to enjoy quiet moments with your aging loved ones, be they parents or other relatives. One question that may arise is “What exactly could we do in these quiet moments?” One answer to that is: Nothing. You do not have to constantly be doing something in order to spend quality time with your loved one. Sometimes those moments of quiet and quietude are necessary. Other times, however, it may be fun to do something entertaining with you loved one. If you choose the latter option, then you have a host of options before you to spend quality time with your love done. In today’s blog, we will go over different fun activities that you and your loved one can do both together or by yourselves.

Fun Activities to Consider

One can go on and on about what fun things exist out there to do with your loved one. Today, we will cover only a few ideas. We will try to make sure these options can be done both together or alone, depending on what you and your loved one prefer.

  • Movies and TV: Now that we are well submerged in the era of streaming, countless options exist to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Go, and many others offer subscriptions that give access to countless titles. If you and your loved one can’t get enough cinema, then look no further.
  • Communicate with family: Sometimes quiet moments are moments to reconnect with others. If you and your loved one have felt distant from friends or family, then try to reconnect with them. Give your friends and family a call and use the time to catch up.
  • Enjoy a meal or drink: What better way to spend quality time together than enjoying your favorite food or drinks? Use this time to make your loved one’s favorite dish and/or drink and use the afternoon relaxing.
  • Exercise: Some may not think exercising as a form of relaxation, but others find it a healthy way to relieve stress. If you and your loved one love being outdoors, try gardening, going for walks, or doing light stretches. Depending on your loved one’s health condition, you may have to accompany them or modify activities according to their abilities.
  • Listen to your favorite music: Nothing helps bring back good memories than good tunes. If you or your loved one finds it relaxing and fun to listen to music, then play your favorite songs on the speaker. As mentioned before, streaming services abound, and music streaming has become so easy with services like Spotify, Amazon Prime, or even YouTube. Just type in your favorite artist and hit play.
  • Learn something new: Believe it or not, online courses are readily available on platforms such as Coursera and EdX. Courses range on topics from computer programming to philosophy to art. If you and your loved one love to learn, all you need is a laptop/computer and an internet connection.

These are just some fun ways to spend time together. Perhaps you can come up with many more! If you have any questions, then please call ElderCare at Home at 888-285-0093 or visit our website.


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