Tuesday Tips for Caregivers~ Fun and Engaging Activities

Tuesday Tips for Caregivers~ Fun and Engaging Activities

Caregiving: Fun and Engaging Activities

According to the AARP, more than 3 out of 4 Americans aged 50 or above want to remain in their home as they get older.[1] Family caregivers, i.e., family members who take on the role of caring for their aging loved one, can help their loved ones realize this desire. Caregiving, entails many different roles and activities to keep your loved one’s happy and cared for.

One dimension of caregiving is keeping your loved one’s engaged, like with fun activities, interpersonal communication, and enjoyable hobbies. As we age, we become less mobile while some of us may be restricted to places like the house due to health or neurological conditions. As a result, it is the caregiver’s job to help keep their loved one engaged from time to time. In this blog, we will go over what you, as a family caregiver, can do to keep your loved one engaged with enjoyable activities.

(1) Find a doable hobby: Painting is an example of an easy and attainable hobby that is accessible to those at a variety of activity and ability levels. All you need are some small canvases, paintbrushes, and paint. You can also do some other activities, like gardening and baking, which are both accessible activities that entail a lot of fun. These activities also stimulate the mind and can be great for those living with a degenerative neurological disorder.

(2) Do something active: One example can be going on a walk around the park with your loved one. Even if they are not able to walk far distances, consider transporting them on a wheelchair just so they can get exposed to nature and the outdoors. Going outside can help improve your mood and is likewise mentally stimulating. Additionally, you can stay at home and do some light stretches or breathing exercises that still provide similar benefits that exercise does.

(3) Allow your loved one to reminisce: If you are visiting your loved one and you realize that they start telling you a story, or even repeating a story that you have heard before, allow them to tell you. Reminiscing, the act of recalling and retelling events, can be a great way to bond and spend time with your loved one. You can even help promote reminiscing by pulling out old photo albums and going through them with your loved one.

(4) Watch a movie: Try to find a movie that your loved one recognizes and are familiar with. This can be a great way to not only jog memories, but to enjoy a great film!

(5) Pet therapy: If you happen to own a calm and kind pet, consider bringing them along when you visit your loved one. Of course, if your loved one is allergic, then this idea may not work. But having a pet can be a great source of stress relief and downright fun.

(6) Eat a favorite meal: If you know a snack or meal that your loved one enjoys, try making it for them. Eating together is an activity as old as time itself, and it promotes bonds between people.

(7) Read aloud: One activity that can be a lot of great fun is reading aloud to your loved one. This may sound awkward at first, but people really do love hearing a good story. If you know of a book or perhaps a podcast that your loved one may enjoy, then either read or listen together. This can also act as a great bonding opportunity.

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[1] Source: https://www.aarp.org/caregiving/home-care/info-2019/providing-homecare.html


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