Tuesday Tips for Caregivers: Immunizations for Seniors

Tuesday Tips for Caregivers: Immunizations for Seniors

The goal of National Immunization Awareness Month is to increase awareness about immunizations across the lifespan, from infants to the elderly. Vaccines are the best defense we have against many serious diseases, and it’s important to make sure that you’re up to date on all recommended vaccines. Use National Immunization Awareness Month as your chance to make sure that all your vaccinations are current.

As summer winds down, it’s a good time for you and your family to make plans to get the flu vaccine. The vaccine usually becomes available in mid-to-late August. Getting the vaccine early can help prevent you and your family members from getting the flu throughout all of flu season. You can learn more about the flu and flu vaccine at Flu.gov.

When taking yourself and your family for your flu shots, you can also ask your health care provider about other routinely recommended vaccines you might need.Getting vaccinated is an easy way to stay healthy all year round. During the month of August, take the time to make sure that you and your loved ones have received all of the vaccinations you need. By making sure your vaccinations are up to date, you can help prevent harmful diseases from affecting you and your family.

Senior Immunization Schedule

If you’re a senior, you may need one or more vaccines, even if you received vaccines as a child or as a younger adult. Ask your doctor which ones are right for you. Vaccines recommended for older adults can prevent:

Download Free Adult Immunization schedule here to see which vaccines you may need.