Tuesday Tips for Caregivers – The Importance of Mental Activity

How mentally active are you? Researched have found that adults who report engaging in mentally stimulating activities are less likely to develop memory disorders and are more likely to age optimally.

Mental stimulation appears to improve attention ability as well as intellectually processing  speed and flexibility, which can slow aging. We can increase our level of mental activity by getting into the habit of exercising our brains.  The good news is that there are countless ways of getting a brain workout. (see below). Pursuits such as games, hobbies, and social gatherings are all ways we can give our brains a good dose of activity and boost our memory power.

The bottom line:  Think about how much mental activity you engage in on a regular basis. Adopt some ways of “exercising” your brain into your daily routine.

Brain Games
Here are some ways you can work mental activity into your daily routine.

Do crossword puzzles Solve brain teasers
Play bridge Read
Play board games Play computer games
Do jigsaw puzzles Paint
Do word-search puzzles Take a pottery class
Play a musical instrument Build a model airplane
Attend a class Play card games
Join a reading group Attend museum lectures
Learn a new language Learn how to use a computer

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