Tuesday Tips for Caregivers – Vision Problems and Memory Loss

Tuesday Tips for Caregivers – Vision Problems and Memory Loss

Tuesday Tips for Caregivers – Vision Problems and Memory Loss

Hello and welcome. People with memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease can suffer from impaired vision. Caregivers should be alert of these issues so they can recognize  problems and make modifications to give better support and care. There are a few ways that Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can cause vision problems, here they are:

  1. Reduced field of vision

Everyone’s field of vision narrows as we age. However, for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease, the field of vision narrows dramatically. They are unable to see to either side, resulting in disorientation.

2. Following motion

For people with memory loss like Alzheimer’s disease, following a moving object can be really difficult. These problems can have serious implications for anyone who is still driving a car, but it also impacts people’s ability to comfortably watch television or any activity involving fast motion.

3. Depth perception

Those with Alzheimer’s can lose their depth perception. They have a hard time judging distances, or in determining if something is a 3 dimensional object or a picture. You may see an Alzheimer’s patient trying to pick the flowers up off of a fabric with a floral design.

4. Color and contrast

Some with Alzheimer’s cannot pick out an object if it is surrounded by other objects of similar color. Colors in the blue end of the color spectrum seem harder to recognize than those at the red end.

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Source: http://whiteoakcottages.com/vision-problems-and-alzheimers-disease/

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