Tuesday Tips for Caregivers – Ways to Show Love to the Person You Care For

Tuesday Tips for Caregivers – Ways to Show Love to the Person You Care For

Tuesday Tips for Caregivers – Ways to Show Love to the Person You Care For

Taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s disease is a full time job, one that can cause a large amount of stress. However, loving someone with Alzheimer’s can bring joy into your life and be extremely rewarding if you remember a few simple things.

Here are 10 ways to show your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia how much you love them:

  1. Pay Attention

It’s the simplest, easiest way to show someone you actually care. Take note of their likes and dislikes and try to remember the little details.

  1. Take a Sincere Interest in the Things They Care About

If someone really matters to you, than so should whatever they are passionate about.

  1. Give Little Gifts or Tokens of Affection

Instead of flowers, maybe pick up their favorite snack or treat, maybe a movie or cup of coffee they like. Maybe you could make them a personalized CD or music playlist. Just something small that shows you’ve been thinking about them.

  1. Include Them in Your Future Plans

You don’t have to do everything together but you should respect and care about them enough to keep them up-to-date and involved with your life.

  1. Respect Their Need for Space

This can be tricky because the person you care for relies on you to always be there but space is a key component to any healthy and lasting relationship. Find ways to give each other a couple minutes of space each day or week. Ask a family member to help with care or consider hiring a caregiver to give you some respite.

  1. Spend Time with Their Friends

This shows that you care enough about someone to deal with their entire package, friends and all. Maybe you’ll learn something about your loved one from their experience with old friends.

  1. Master the Art of Being Lazy Together

Find joy in pajama days together. On rainy days, have movie marathons. Even on sunny days, find time to relax, cuddle or take a nap together.

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